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  1. LUTZIFER added a post in a topic Windows 10 - Xbox app icon changed?   

    Awesome!! Nice icon. Sure glad I actually installed Windows 10 now, so much better with that icon.
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  2. LUTZIFER added a post in a topic Edge + no extension support = failed.   

    Yeah it's definitely a FAIL.
    Well I normally use IE and now that I switched to Edge, it's hard getting used to seeing ads and having the odd popup,
    whereas with IE, no ads or popups at all, without having to download extensions or modify hosts file.
    I definitely dont see any kind of improvement with Edge over IE.
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  3. LUTZIFER added a post in a topic Windows Update in Windows 10: A massive bag of hurt   

    My upgrade didn't use the current Intel and NVidia drivers I had installed.
    My display was running on generic Microsoft drivers so I had to download the drivers and install manually.
    Windows Update didn't do anything.
    Even soundcard drivers/programs aren't working right.
    I'm definitely looking forward to an update to this Windows 10 mess.
    I dont know what I was thinking when I decided to give it a shot, lol,
    and even though my computer still works great, and install went smooth pretty much,
    I still pretty much dont like Windows 10. Its god awful really.
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