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  1. brianshapiro added a post in a topic Creator of original Windows 95 Start menu unimpressed by Windows 10 version   

    A lot of people suggested that, but it would have been as unused as desktop gadgets were IMO.
    Most of the time, the screen of the average user is covered with windows and it would be a fuss to get back to the desktop to see the tiles. And, after all, even with Desktop gadgets, we had the sidebar, and that's what it was for.
    The most common time would see their Desktop gadgets would be when they first start up their computer, and that's why W8 booted to Start Screen rather than to the Desktop. The Start Screen itself just copied the function of Dashboard in OSX.
    The W8 design made a lot of sense from a usability standpoint, but its not what everyone wanted.
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  2. brianshapiro added a post in a topic Whats your biggest Windows 10 bugbears?   

    Okay, for a start -- I'm sure there are more I'm not remembering ---
    - The full screen version of the Start Menu is awful. Microsoft decided it hates vertical scrolling and using spacing and font size for presentation for some reason, I guess "waste of space." At any rate, they might as well have left it out as an option.
    - The only option for All Apps is a narrow, cramped list you have to tediously scroll through.
    - Scrolling the Start Menu with the scroll wheel (or the All Apps list) is slow if you have a long list. It should have better sensitivity to gestural movement.
    - There's no multi-select / organization mode in the Start Menu from what I can tell. It makes reorganization of your tiles much messier.
    - Tiles don't auto-arrange if some are removed.
    - The Recently Added list never shows more than one item.
    - The Photos app only allows you to view by date, and albums it creates for you. There's no by folder browsing, and you can't create your own albums.
    - You can't restrict the live tile for the Photos app to display only a particular album, or pin a particular album as a tile.
    - The Xbox avatar pic on the live tile is pretty small.
    - Small tiles use the tile graphic instead of the app icon; this makes small tiles for things like Solitaire look pretty ugly. (I tend to hate the noisy games tiles anyway, but its worse, and pointless, in small tile mode)
    - The Mail app doesn't let you set no background picture. You have to set one.
    - (From W8) The Mail & Calendar apps don't show any dashboard info on the live tile if you don't have any alerts, making it an ugly use of space most of the time.
    - In the Store, if you do a search, then click "Show All" for a category, then click on the back button, it brings you back to the original search page, rather than the second "Show All" page.
    - You can't use your scroll wheel to browse categories.
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  3. brianshapiro added a topic in Real World Issues   

    A rap anthem called 'F*ck Communism' is going viral in Vietnam
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  4. brianshapiro added a post in a topic How Planned Parenthood could shut down the government   

    The ACA requires health insurance pay for contraception without co-pay, including birth control pills.
    Btw, Medicare doesn't cover Viagra; Congress passed a bill in 2006 that prevented prescriptions for ED for being covered. Sometimes ED drugs are prescribed to treat medical conditions like pulmonary hypertension, just like birth control drugs are prescribed to treat medical conditions like endometriosis.
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  5. brianshapiro added a post in a topic How Planned Parenthood could shut down the government   

    If Planned Parenthood is being singled out, the only real issue is whether they're in fact doing anything illegal. They're given grant money under Title X, which helps clinics other than PP. So, de-funding them in particular wouldn't end any corporate welfare, and if they're targeted, it shouldn't be based on any of the beliefs the organization holds.
    On the other hand, Republicans haven't only been trying to de-fund PP but the Title X program in its entirety,
    Though, its true that non-abortion family planning services might be a little redundant now that health insurers are required by the ACA to pay for contraceptives.
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  6. brianshapiro added a post in a topic How Planned Parenthood could shut down the government   

    I'd find nothing wrong with a clean vote on de-funding Planned Parenthood. But I don't like that they're trying to attach it as a rider to other bills. Cruz wanted to attach it to the highway funding bill, and, if I'm not mistaken, the Sept. 30 bill that the article is referring to is a bill funding the Dept. of Homeland Security. That kind of tactic is really part of the problem in D.C.
    At any rate, if they want to go after Planned Parenthood, the right way to do it is to investigate them and bring them to court. If everything said in the videos is accurate, PP is likely in contravention of the 1993 law which was passed to allow fetal tissue use. A provision of the law states that abortion procedures shouldn't be modified with the intent of procuring the organs.
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