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  1. Spyder added a post in a topic Tiles Not Working On Start Menu   

    Honestly if I were you, I'd just log into the other windows account, remove the account that's not working and recreate it.   Since it works on one account and not the other, it sounds like a profile issue
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  2. Spyder added a topic in Microsoft (Windows) Discussion & Support   

    Windows Store icon is wrong
    Ok this is one of those little things that makes no sense so its driving me crazy.  Please don't think i'm nuts lol
    anyways my windows store icon is incorrect. See the blue box with white icon?  its supposed to be just white on black.  its proper on 4 accounts across 2 different pc's except this account and I can't explain it.   I've tried unpinning and repining but it just looks like this again.
    I know its a small thing but does anyone have any ideas?

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  3. Spyder added a post in a topic IPB4 upgrade announcement   

    nice. this looks good so far. looking forward to the final product.
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