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    Installing Windows 10 - Upgrade vs Clean Install
    I have 5 systems I am planning to upgrade to Windows 10, they are Windows 7 and 8 based systems.
    I have a few questions about doing a clean install vs an upgrade install.
    First of all, is it even possible to do a clean install with that free Win10 offer? Is there any way you can boot into the Win10 installer, then it can check if you already have 7 or 8 installed, then allow you to format the drive and install fresh? I prefer clean installs to upgrade installs in most cases.
    One of the systems however due to many apps and settings I have configured on it, I would prefer to do an upgrade install, and I have some questions about that too. First of all, this may be incorrect information, but I was told that it only keeps some of your settings such as your drivers if you choose NOT to keep personal information. That doesn't sound right... So anyway, what does and doesn't it keep? I wanted to do an upgrade install for this system because of all the settings I wanted to keep, will all my apps still be there?
    Speaking of which, this system also runs off a SSD, so space is a concern. How large is the Windows.old folder it creates? Can you remove it? I am planning to image the drive before I upgrade to 10 so I can always image it back to 7 anyway, I don't need a downgrade option.
    And finally, speaking of drivers. I have a VERY old printer that I do NOT want to replace, by some miracle, the XP64 drivers (the latest OS it had drivers written for) work fine in Vista and 7, they gave me no trouble. (Not sure about 8 as I never installed that printer on a 8 system) but when I tried it on a Win10 system, it complained that the drivers weren't signed. I have run into this annoying signed drivers issue before, but if neither Vita64 or 7 64 complained about them, why would 10? Would it refuse to use my printer if I do an upgrade install to 10?
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