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Dot Matrix

I wonder if it's possible for Microsoft to release a special WIndows 8 app to try the Threshold Alpha. No fussing with VMs or lost data.
Today, 00:43
  • Dot Matrix's Photo
    Dot Matrix
    What I was think was more along the lines of the "app" being the Threshold Alpha, that you could launch and exit as you would any other Metro app.
    Today, 01:29
  • TPreston's Photo
    Native vhd boot is as close as you will get to this
    Today, 06:19
  • ians18's Photo
    So build the entire preview in HTML 5 and c++?
    Today, 08:22


Checked the amount due for my uncoming final car payment. Nearly twice the usual payment. I can swing it, but it'll cripple my meager savings account. Thankfully without the car payment each month I'll be able to replenish it quickly.
Yesterday, 17:29
  • Majesticmerc's Photo
    That's a wise decision. It took me a LONG time to convince my girlfriend to pay off her credit cards with her savings for the same reason. Not paying that interest every month replenished her savings quickly.
    Yesterday, 22:57

Christopher Andreason

Good Night, Good Luck. Learn more about Dying Light. http://t.co/cSNvQHP74l #DyingLightGame via @DyingLightGame
Yesterday, 00:27

Christopher Andreason

Mattias Olsson vilken modell och märke är detta? då jag inte vet exakt vilka specifikationer den bärbara datorn har så kan jag bara gissa mig fram men gissar på att du missat att uppdatera grafikkortets drivrutiner och möjligt att du också missat att göra en Prestandaklassificering av datorn
Yesterday, 00:25

Ian W

Perhaps others will come to appreciate this someday . . . http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc723472.aspx It should have been in Windows Vista.
Sep 14 2014 06:39


So, is Neowin gonna change the forum layout too at some point? Or was it just for the home page?
Sep 14 2014 01:30
  • The_Decimator's Photo
    Thanks for the info! :D
    Sep 14 2014 02:16
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    I just wish they change the blue color in the forums to the same one used in the front page header....

    it bugs me a little that they are not the same.
    Sep 14 2014 13:34
  • DConnell's Photo
    Hey, you're right! They're not! Being color-blind, I tend to ignore stuff like that . . .
    Yesterday, 17:43

Dot Matrix

I really hope Cortana and Interactive Live Tiles appear for the Threshold Alpha.
Sep 13 2014 21:42
  • Ian W's Photo
    Ian W
    I like the idea of Interactive Live Tiles. While I would like Cortana to be included, I am not sure how I would feel about her if she removed or replaced the Speech Recognition feature introduced in Windows Vista.
    Sep 13 2014 21:51
  • tmcclelland455's Photo
    I would love to see Cortana in Threshold. I can never seem to get the Speech Recognition deal to work.
    Yesterday, 02:32

+Jack Unterweger

@audio ... my tapes beat your cds/mp3s/aacs whatever
Sep 12 2014 18:48
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    +Boo Berry
    My vinyl beats your tapes! :P
    Sep 13 2014 02:03
  • Top Qat's Photo
    Top Qat
    SACD beats all !
    Sep 13 2014 18:19


The new iPhone looks ok, if you're into Apple's stuff. I see no reason for me to switch from my Lumia 1520 and WP 8.1, though.
Sep 10 2014 14:06
  • LimeMaster's Photo
    Stare into this image and tell me what you see:
    Sep 10 2014 14:48
  • DConnell's Photo
    Ha ha! My color-blindness renders me immune to hypnotic images!
    Sep 10 2014 14:55
  • LimeMaster's Photo
    It was a Windows logo anyway. :p

    *Shifty eyes.
    Sep 10 2014 15:10


Eat at Joe's!
Sep 09 2014 19:42

+Jack Unterweger

always remember 9/11 ... the day when the free world and the best country in the world got attacked by insane cowards. jihadists have declared war on the free world and our lifestyle. we need to keep that in mind and fight back every day.
Sep 09 2014 06:17
  • Jack Unterweger's Photo
    +Jack Unterweger
    first rule to become educated: never assume!
    that rule also prevents you from missjudgements and blatant errors.
    Sep 14 2014 09:12
  • Grunt's Photo
    So why don't you follow that rule?
    Yesterday, 05:52
  • MikeChipshop's Photo
    Yeah Jack, i'm sure you're a nice guy, and i don;t know you personally but surely following that rule yourself, you wouldn;t have stated such misguided things in the first place? It's good you love the country you live in, but don't talk about other places you've clearly never been to. As a European i take offence and surely you can see why?
    Yesterday, 07:01


Oculus DK2 has been pre-ordered. Now we play the waiting game.
Sep 09 2014 03:40

Dot Matrix

It seems like Republicans are spending a lot of effort to scare Americans about ISIS.
Sep 09 2014 01:15


hey, things are stabilizing again :) the day goes by so much slower at work without Neowin
Sep 08 2014 18:27
  • shozilla's Photo
    Blame Neowin hamsters! They were having a party instead of working... http://i.imgur.com/8bxHr9R.gif
    Sep 08 2014 19:05
  • Draconian Guppy's Photo
    Draconian Guppy
    Correction, things get done at work without neowin :P
    Sep 10 2014 14:28
  • LimeMaster's Photo
    Get back to work, Guppy! :p
    Sep 10 2014 14:33


Comcast should hire this guy cant be any worse than what they have now right http://www.phonelosers.org/2014/09/snow-plow-show-september-6th-2014-comcast-complainers/
Sep 07 2014 11:48