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Diablo III

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#2371 Slane


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Posted 18 June 2014 - 02:42

First look patch 2.1:




All in all it sounds terrible. There's literally nothing to be excited about in that preview. On top of that it gives plenty of reason to not bother playing at all because of changes to healing they proposed.


I wonder if blizzard thinks these things through all the way.


Also if I was interested in starting over again and again I'd just play hardcore PoE. That kind of tedium holds no interest for me.


Terrible? How so?


Seasons have been a long, long, long wait. They are making more complete X than whoever levels fastest. It sounds good and once it hits PTR we can all get a better grasp.


They are further increasing rifts to add Greater Rifts, which will add a challenge to rifts. Increase rewards and Legendary Gems coming from them. You also upgrade Legendary gems via Greater Rifts. Rifts are already the best part of RoS and they made it better. One change they made to the rift system, is all players require just 1, that's right 1 rift fragment to enter. No more "Rift it Forward" communities and playing the menu game. You'll actually be playing the game. 


Legendary gems! Finally a reason to have sockets on Amulets/Rings. We don't know what they are other than " and provide special Legendary powers when socketed into the appropriate gear slot." which can be "The gist is that these gems are infinitely upgradeable". Completeing Greater rifts allow you to upgrade the gems. The gems hopefully (haven't seen stats) will be as diverse as the legendarys where in loot 2.0 and open up even more options for different builds.


Leaderboards. Kinda of minor but a great way to compare yourself among guildies and others who play D3. Nothing major here, but a nice feature to have.


The Dex changes to Monks and DH is a much needed change. That's huge. Dodge was always a so-so stat that is great when it happens, but relying on it sucked. This is going to increase survivability  with DH greatly and Monks slightly. The changes to OWE and the Dex change should keep monks roughly where they are at (again needing to get on PTR to see the change).


The healing change is great. Increase LoH and life regen will make gear even stronger than before and keep healing a steadier pace. Far to often, especially on HC, you would end up low on health with potion on CD waiting on a health globe to boost you back to full. With this change the life regen/LoH (and associated passives) should help keep a steadier income of healing. 


All in all. I think this is shaping up to be another fantastic patch made by the RoS team. They continue to improve on D3, listen to the community and provide changes that impact in a positive way. The team has really step up there game to release quality products. Still a tad bit early to see what all 2.1 will bring and if in the end it will be a positive patch, but it looks that way.

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 02:59

Terrible because seasons are bad and uninteresting. This is not actually new content. They will be dominated by bots, account sharers, and people who can have the time to play 18 or more hours a day.


Terrible because if you do not want to play their terrible ladder system you have to wait an undetermined amount of time to get access to months old "content".


Terrible because making dex give armor instead of making it unique like every other main stat in the game is lazy. Lazy because they couldn't fix dodge and have it work properly.


Terrible because we'll have to completely regear to get decent LoH and regen. In some cases changing builds around completely and making huge sacrifices in terms of power to get the same survivability we have now. Sure fine, seasons will "fix" this. But for those that don't have any interest in seasons? I may as well start over completely. Again. The only thing this can be considered is a huge, drastic, and sweeping nerf.


Terrible because people told them LoH and regen were not going to be wanted stats during the RoS betas when they first started talking about removing life steal. They were told that they didn't scale well, at all. Blizzard ignored those warnings.


Terrible because due to the proposed changes to healing there's 0 reason to play right now. It's literally wasted time. Even more so than playing games usually is.


Legendary gems and hellfire amulets. Okay. Those might be interesting. I'll give you that. Also while Greater Rifts are just rehashed old content they do seem like they will spice things up a bit. 


What I want is complete new tile sets and new ways to play the game to along with completely revamped legendary items that are not just glorified rares. And not rehashed game modes and semi-forced restarts that are somehow misconstrued as new content. The only "new" content coming in 2.1 is the new legendary items which I pretty much couldn't care less about because after 2.1 hits which won't be for months I will have to wait even longer to ever see them because I have no interest in seasons.


So while I loved RoS and put an unhealthy amount of time into it initially all these changes they're making to the game are doing the exact opposite of what RoS did for me. Which is to say, make me not want to play at all. I do not want to start over because blizzard refused to heed warnings that were first given to them over half a year ago. I've put far to much time into my characters to get them where they are for me to ever want to do it again. At least not in this game. Which is what the proposed changes will require if they don't make huge changes to the mystic and enchanting.

#2373 Slane


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Posted 18 June 2014 - 03:37

Season are bad and uninteresting? Yet you recommend Path of Exile, the game which prides itself on races and seasons.  As to the second part regarding bots and etc. How is that any different from now on D3 or any other game?


What older content? The only thing exclusives to ladders/seasons are legendarys. That are only exclusive to for that season, once it ends it goes to normal content. Rifts, legendary gems etc all are going to be released for seasons once 2.1 hits. No content is going to hidden away.


Dex for armor is better than Dex for dodge. I'd say I'd rather Dex didn't' function same way as Str does but it's better this way, even if only marginally. 


Maybe, haven't stated whether or not the changes will be retroactively, but seeing how other changes were (2h's) I dont' see why not. And a game that focuses on gearing, and you think it's terrible you have to get more gear? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of playing a game where the gear grind is the main grind?


So it's terrible that Blizzard knew it was bad in beta, but didn't fix it and now are fixing it? Where the logic there?


How is it a waste of time? It's a waste of time because of proposed changes that where only 1 paragraph in lenth. No numbers nor futher details have been released yet to fully understand how this change is going to affect us. All we have is a paragraph stating the goal and you finding that a reason to not to play? 


Gems sound great, I agree it's just a matter of seeing what effects give them that "legendary" shine to them. And Hellfire Amulets. O boy. Finally a reason to run ubers, getting a 5th passive skill that you want along with good stats. Main stat, crit, socket, passive, crit dmg. Jesus.


We all want that. Seeing what they are doing with the TLoU rift on PS4 makes me believe they may start slowly adding stuff. I know late last week there was  huge thread on battle.net forums asking for a starcraft themed rift. ######ing up zerglings with your wizard? Hell ya. Thought it remains to be seen what Blizz will do with this.


I'm sorry that you find the changes with 2.1 as determent to the enjoyment you get from D3. For me it's the opposite. I see changes making me glad I play and further stoking the coals of my desire to play. But with that, and as you have stated 2.1 is still months away. Getting more into the details isn't really worth all that much until we get more info.


Only thing I can say is I think the RoS team made D3 1000000x better than anything Jay Wilson did. And I think they continue to improve it. Some changes aren't the greastest but they really do seem to have the hearts right on making a good game even better.

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 03:42

Where did I recommend PoE? All I said is that if I wanted that form of tedious game play I would go play PoE. Hint: I'm not playing PoE.


And by old content I mean rehashing rifts. Giving it a variation. There is nothing new here or nothing even remotely innovative. It's literally just adding 1 more difficulty level onto old game mechanics.


Believe me when I say I realize these changes are in no way final and are still undergoing heavy testing it just seems like a large part of it could have been avoided had they dealt with it when it was first talked about. Massively increasing health pools and damage received at level 70 and then leaving healing largely as it was at 60 where most people had 1/10 the health they do at 70 didn't make any sense then and it still doesn't now.


But now after people have been playing for several months and invested hundreds of hours to get where they are they decided it's the time to completely undo all that effort? I really don't like the idea of having hundreds of hours of my effort undone because of blizzards shortsightedness. 


But, like I said. They can fix it by making it so all forms of healing on gear secondary stats and allowing secondary stats to roll independent of primary stats at the mystic. Right now both health regen and health globe healing are secondary where life on hit is primary and only on weapons and accessories only. Where there's already extremely small amounts of wiggle room for what's good and bad on weapons (no socket or no main stat makes a weapon worthless). Accessories have a little more wiggle room but then again, maybe not with the addition of legendary gems and the fact that accessories are a huge source of elemental damage, which is 100% mandatory at higher difficulties.


So yeah, the entire system is a huge mess and I really don't have faith that blizzard will sort it out properly.

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 04:13

Terrible because seasons are bad and uninteresting. This is not actually new content. They will be dominated by bots, account sharers, and people who can have the time to play 18 or more hours a day.


This exactly, +1000.


Seasons add nothing in the way Blizzard currently describe them.  Why not just add the new legendaries and be done with it?  I suggested some tweaks on Reddit to fix Seasons so that the ladder worked properly and was completely slammed for it.  Apparently I'm a retard for wanting Blizzard to bow down to "casual gamers".  Sucks to have a life, apparently.


Anyway.  Tweaks I think might make Seasons meaningful:


1. Limit the gameplay hours per character to something like 8-12 hr/week.  If someone wants to play more than that they can start different characters.

2. (And/Or) Leaderboard progression should be based on completion goal / gameplay hours on character.   Blizzard seems to be designing it towards folks who can just grind long sessions right out the gate.  Its not a "season" per-say...it's a race for anyone who wants to be in the top 1000 rank.


Pretty much all my friends have stopped playing D3 for the moment, and I'm not sure this .1 patch is going to be significant enough to respark any interest.  Its a fun game but not an unlimited replay game.

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