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Man leaves $1.28 million dollars at Sydney restaurant

money sydney

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Posted 22 November 2011 - 15:57

Australian police are looking for a good explanation of why someone would walk into a Sydney eatery, exit in a seeming panic--and leave a suitcase containing more than a million dollars behind.

The seemingly inadvertent money drop occurred at an Italian bistro named Café Marco. On Tuesday morning a causally dressed man entered the establishment, and didn't really settle into the Café Marco experience before heading back out the door--minus the suitcase "full of money."

Investigating officers in Sydney report that the luggage in question contained "a significant amount of cash"--roughly $1.28 million in $50 bills. However, police have not yet arrived at a full estimate of the suitcase's cash content--for the simple reason that they're still counting it.

Detective Inspector Ian Pryde told reporters that witnesses described the man as Asian, and his age around 30. He was wearing surfing shorts and a wrestling singlet when he walked into the café. Witnesses reportedly told the cops that the man appeared "to get spooked" and left without the money.

At first, the two owners of the café thought the suitcase was a bomb and moved it out of the way of customers until the police arrived. Police say they now have in custody a 49-year-old man fitting the general description--and that they're preparing to question him about the case of the abandoned cash.


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Posted 22 November 2011 - 16:00

A big tipper!

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Posted 22 November 2011 - 16:06

I was wondering where I left my case ... :whistle:

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Posted 22 November 2011 - 16:08

Ran like he stole it... >.> <.< >.>

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Posted 22 November 2011 - 16:17

They are still counting it ? Man, first the airport security show on Discovery and now this, are all Aussies this dumb ?
Crazy tip, though :D

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Posted 23 November 2011 - 05:39

I bet it might be illegal. :p

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Posted 23 November 2011 - 14:44

Man arrested over $1M suitcase left in Aussie cafe

SYDNEY -- Police in Sydney may be close to unraveling the mystery of a man who left a lot of dough at an upscale pizzeria and cafe - nearly 1 million Australian dollars ($1 million).

Police say a man wearing shorts and a tank top left a suitcase at Cafe Marco on Tuesday morning. Staff at first thought it might contain a bomb but it turned out to be stuffed with 50-dollar notes.

Officers arrested a man in connection with the incident Tuesday afternoon, said Senior Constable Chris Nash, a A New South Wales police spokesman. Nash said the man then suffered an unknown medical problem and was taken to a local hospital where he remained under police guard Wednesday.

Nash said detectives probably will have to wait until the man recovers before asking him more questions about the cash. Police wouldn't say whether they think the arrested man is the one who left the case in the cafe.

Nash said that if the money legitimately belongs to the man it would be returned to him. If the cash is proceeds from a crime it will likely be forfeited to the government. If the owner of the cash is not found, whoever discovered it could make a claim on it after three months.