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Whenever a USB flash drive is plugged in it takes several minutes before the drive appears in the my computer sometimes it will ask for a format but disconnecting and reconnecting the drive resolves the issue of the format but still takes several minutes, when the USB flash drive is plugged in the system logs show controller error warnings.

I've tried different manufacturer USB flash drives and they all have the same issue but when I connect my memory cards it works without an issues.

I've had the USB flash drives replaced but have had not luck, I'm using the latest firmware of the motherboard and the latest drivers for the chipset and USB. I RMA'd the motherboard to shop and they tested it and found not faults, I reinstalled Windows which has also not resolved the problem.

Its a Asus P8P67 Pro (B3.0), no overclocks and is rock solid stable apart from this USB issue. Any ideas?

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