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BEST BUY Implodes: Firing 400, Closing 50 Stores


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#16 primexx


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Posted 01 April 2012 - 19:24

I also heard they didn't pay commission for sales (or at least it was very hard to achieve) which if true then wow in a retail sales job.. where is your motivation?

the ability to keep your job...

they don't pay commission because it gives consumers a better impression since it seems like they're not motivated by commissions to aggressively sell you ****. to a little degree you do notice an actual difference because they're not under constant immediate pressure, and their targets are set rather than open-ended (as much as you can make) in a commission based system. But they still have targets and if you persistently don't reach those targets guess what they'll do?

so yea, mostly a marketing thing

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 19:33

welcome to the new norm worldwide...

cuts and minimal lean running instead of the old bloated way. fair for workers? naw, but seriously... what is?

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Posted 01 April 2012 - 19:45

About a year and a half ago, they spent quite a bit of money renovating an shut down 'Joe's' sports and outdoors store to put our one and only Best Buy in. I used to live literally a stone's throw away from them so got to see the huge crowds do what they normally do - flock to the store for a week or two, then things normalize.

I have only been to the store 5 times at the most. I do drive by it almost daily anymore going to my favorite grocer and every time I go through their parking lot, the store doesn't seem too busy. Part of me wonders if they will close that store or if they will keep it online for a bit longer because they just threw tons of money at it.

Sort of OT, but also in the last 2 years, we have had a couple of Large furniture stores close down which has dramatically increased business for some of the smaller guys who have managed to stay on. I have been watching one guy who started out 5 or 6 years ago grow because of the gained business. Perhaps this may become the case if Best Buy shuts stores down in some areas, will give the 'little' guys a chance to grow. :)

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Posted 02 April 2012 - 12:52

The one thing that always made me hate going to best buy... being basically frisked on the way out.... anytime you left some security person had to check you out.... buy a movie... "can i see your receipt" its like I JUST came from the register sheesh... they are the only store I've ever been to that does that

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Posted 02 April 2012 - 13:04

I also heard they didn't pay commission for sales (or at least it was very hard to achieve) which if true then wow in a retail sales job.. where is your motivation?

Very few retail stores pay commission for sales. None of the ones I've ever worked for do.