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100 yobs went on fast food rampage at McDonald's

yobs uk mcdonalds

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 13:10

A mob of up to 100 youths brought a McDonald's to a standstill with a 'shameful' rampage which saw teenagers verbally abuse staff, jump over the counter and steal food.

Youths chanted obscene songs at two female workers at the fast food restaurant in Wigan, Greater Manchester, as they tried to serve customers - and the video of their antics has gone viral after it was uploaded to YouTube.

The yobs vaulted the counter into the kitchen area, threw litter and hurled abuse. Staff were so scared they pressed a panic alarm and police were forced to break up the disorder.

Three days later, gloating footage of the melee claiming to be from the 'Wiganstreetmafia' and described as 'pretty sweet' was loaded up to the video sharing site.

Filmed with a mobile phone it showed the jeering youngsters laughing and joking as they verbally abused staff stole food and hurled rubbish, leaflets and food across the restaurant.

The video had got over 60,000 hits on YouTube after it was accompanied with the message: 'It looks pretty sweet so I’ll keep it up for a few days considering how quickly this video has gone viral.'

Police are now investigating the mini riot at the Standishgate branch at about 10.30pm on Tuesday, April 10.

Innocent onlookers queuing among the trouble-makers were said to have observed helplessly as staff tried to get on with their work before pressing an in-store alarm system.

The yobs chanted: 'Oh Wigan Town is wonderful, it’s full of ######, pies and rugby, oh Wigan Town is wonderful.'

Melee: Police had to break up the disorder after staff pressed the panic alarm

McDonald’s said: 'We were appalled by the deplorable behaviour displayed in our Standishgate restaurant.

'The safety and security of our employees is of paramount importance, and it is completely unacceptable for them to be the targets of any level of intimidation or abuse.

'On the evening in question, employees activated the staff alarm system which is installed to guard their safety and limit the need for confrontation.

'The alarm system alerts the central CCTV control room to any disturbance and gives them full control to monitor the situation.

'Customers in the restaurant at the time the alarm was activated will have been informed over the speakers that they were being recorded and that the police had been called.

'Fortunately, nobody was injured. But we are offering our full support to those staff members affected by the shock of the incident. We are also cooperating fully with the police.'

Under pressure: Staff were subjected to a torrent of abuse and bad language as they tried to serve customers

Sergeant Nicola Williams from Wigan Neighbourhood Policing Team added: 'A large number of teenagers behaved in a wholly unacceptable way, the staff working in McDonalds were subjected to abuse of an indecent nature and were terrified.

'It is not acceptable to behave like this in a family restaurant. We have launched an investigation to identify those responsible and bring them to justice.

'If you were in Wigan on Tuesday night and witnessed the incident or have any information, please contact us.'

Those who viewed the footage condemned the yobs. One said: 'Wow, I’m ashamed of my own home town. And to say I know some people in that video. Good God. Sort yourself out people.'

Another said: 'Wigan is not a wonderful town. It's a sh*thole, believe me.'

Another user praised the staff in the restaurant, and added: 'This is just ridiculous. There is nothing funny about this at all. These people should be ashamed of themselves, but they won’t be.

'I think the staff acted appropriately and I commend them for being as calm as they were, given the situation.'

A fourth said: 'Anyone working there deserves a medal, even if it doesn’t require qualifications.'

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 15:40

Our local McDee's could use a dose of this. :laugh:

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 15:48

nah take it to golden corral and tear that place up... and for the hell of it since buffets inc is on my **** list go to thier corp. hq to beat some sense into em...

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 15:52

from kids not knowing titanic was real to this. I've lost all hope in society.

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 15:56

McDonald's should just close that branch and see what the community does. I suppose there are plenty of McDonald's in this area anyway so probably wouldn't really create any sort of inconvenience.

#6 +Nik L

Nik L

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 16:00

100 yobs?

About 15 of them as far as I've seen. And they were acting like twats, but nowhere near like this article states!

#7 The Laughing Man

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 16:01

What? No only in America jokes?, oh right... /s

They should close that branch though.

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 17:51

What? No only in America jokes?, oh right... /s

They should close that branch though.

That's because it wasn't in the US...

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 18:06

They chanted "wigan town is wonderful", it really isn't, been living here all my life and its a dump (in the majority of areas anyways)

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 18:12

I only had to read "100 yobs" to know this took place in the UK. :p

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 18:15

too bad workers can't beat the **** out of unrulely patrons

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 18:19

nah take it to golden corral and tear that place up... and for the hell of it since buffets inc is on my **** list go to thier corp. hq to beat some sense into em...

Why? I've never gotten sick or anything like that eating at Golden Corral.

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 18:29

Well since their football team did some serious work the past 2 weeks, I be they all felt the need to celebrate. Party on!

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 18:31

These 'flash mobs', in whatever country, are out of hand. It's organized bullying that is too random to be stopped by police in a timely manner.

I'd love to see some real justice for all these clowns. And I mean a serious beat-down by some vigilantes. Give as good as they gave. Round them up and taunt, throw **** at them, steal their stuff. Then kick six different kinds of dog**** out of them for good measure.

Edit: Sorry, dog**** (poop) made it through the filter somehow. Again, my apologies for anyone that read that.

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Posted 17 April 2012 - 20:19

nah take it to golden corral and tear that place up... and for the hell of it since buffets inc is on my **** list go to thier corp. hq to beat some sense into em...

what's with you and golden corral? I've seen how many GC comments from you lately, what did they do to you?