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[Poll] Sex Before Marriage -> With that person

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Poll: Would you get married without having sex with that person?

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Would you get married without having sex with that person?

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#76 Lordsunglass


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Posted 21 May 2012 - 17:26

There seem to be a few myths that circulate.

1. If you don't use it for a while, it isn't gonna fall off :| .

2. Last I checked, life doesn't end after marriage, if you love the person you married, are you going to settle for lousy sex? Its a matter of learning what each other prefers, and being open. If you wait, you dont have a preference in the first place, so it just gets better and better.

3. Lots of guys say that if you don't do it before marriage then they will just find someone else to suit their 'needs'... Guys have a much higher libido than gals, but that's just selfish and stupid. If you care for the other person at all waiting is not a problem.

4. Love and lust aren't the same thing, how lazy are you? If shes not willing to make it better (and both sides have plenty of incentive :) ) why marry her in the first place.

5. Girls arent cars -_-... Sheesh...

#77 iKenndac



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Posted 21 May 2012 - 17:38

I voted no.

It's not about "test driving" - I actually find that analogy a bit horrible :x

It's about knowing and loving the person you're with. I'm not religious at all, so marriage to me is about committing to your love for one another to each other and in front your your friends and family - an official, symbolic "I'm with you for life" sort of deal.

To that end, in my view marriage is just an official stamp on what you already have. Sex is a very important thing in a relationship, and there's no way I'd marry someone I wasn't that close to already.