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Wireless connection problem

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#1 DidiG


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Posted 03 July 2012 - 05:15

Hello Neowin,

so being a long time reader of Neowin news and forum, I decided to seek for your help, since I am absolutely without ideas.
So yesterday, we got a new internet operator. To make things easier, I'm gonna name them / Telus. Me and my fiance switched from Shaw, since they got a better deal.
So the point, the router is not at our tv now, but is in the closet, where the power grid is. We can't move it, since it has to be there.

Now, my internet connection just is bad. Before no problem, but now is horendus. I can't play games, just browse a bit on the internet ( youtube is bad also ).

I play League of Legends and Diablo 3.

Today I bought a Wireless adapter, D-Link Extreme N/Dual Band USB Adapter. It was kinda of worse.

Browsing is better, but games worse.

Gonna tell you all my specs :

Laptop DELL - Inspiron N7110
i7, GT 525M, 12Gb Ram, etc...

Wireless adapter in the computer is : Intel Centrino Wireless N 1030

Wireless adapter I bought : Look up.

Tho, the laptop did came with installed Windows and programs on it, but I decided to reformat and put Ultimate on. I kinda strugled with putting internet online, but did it non the less.

My fiance's Mac works perfectly on the connection, so it's from my end.

Programs running in background : SUPERantiSpyware, Avast Antivirus, S&D, Razer mouse...

Any help would be good, from settings, to some wireless usb adapters, or reinstall OS... Or any drivers I can try...Anything ( my system is fully up-to-date )
Please, help...

Thank you!

#2 Cheryl_27



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Posted 21 July 2012 - 02:28

You don't say brands / models of modem / router. If decent, they may have an interface where you can check some line conditions, performance (or maybe a LOT).

Off hand, I'd say a good intel wireless adapter might beat a D-Link. You said it used to work fine, but I'm assuming you think it may be the adapter went bad?

Some machines / or (Intel) adapters come w/ some sort of network and / or adapter testing software, to check its performance. Unless your OS or browser are really messed up, you both use the same router / wireless connection - yes? And she / he gets good speed? Look at your network connection in Windows & run the basic diagnostics Windows offers for that (in Vista, in Network & Sharing Ctr). There may be decent free network / ethernet adapter software that I'm not familiar w/. Check on SourceForge & look here in the Software Recommendations post.

When you installed the D-Link, did you build a new network connection in Windows & disable the Intel connection? Run diagnostics on D-Link, too.

I wouldn't skimp on the wireless adapter - one of the more important pieces of wireless setup.

#3 sc302


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Posted 21 July 2012 - 12:58

Well I would think that multiple av's are causing your issue. Drop it down to 1. You have super anti spyware, avast, and spy or running? Pick one, dump the rest.