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rant sdhx ps3 compatibility

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Posted 04 July 2012 - 02:15

I was very excited when I picked up my new HX30v and 64GB super fast SD card to take advantage of high speed recording & full HD capture. I used the camera, and I recorded bunch of videos, pictures, and on top I got an excellent software "Play Memories" as a bonus for PS3 so that we can edit videos & pictures, etc..

After my recent trip, I came home, plugged my camera and...nothing. Both PlayMemories and PS3 Pictures software were showing me only the internal storage of the camera where I have nothing. I figured maybe I need to import the pictures first, but even the XMB was not accessing the SD. I thought maybe it was the way camera was set, maybe it wasnt in Mass Storage, so I removed the SD and inserted direclty into PS3, then I got a blinking light, was happy...until the light turned solid orange and I got nothing on my PS3...

Sony shoots 60fps at 1080p, which looks pretty bad on 12.5" laptop screen so I wanted to use my 120hz 52" display to view them.. no luck.

I wonder if there is anthing I can do to make it work in PS3. Format it differently?