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Pawn Shop? Have ring I want to sell

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#1 swissdude



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Posted 09 July 2012 - 10:26

I have a $7500 diamond ring that was once bought but never used/given

It's like 1 year old

Can I sell this? Where do I go? Pawn Shop? I've never been to one of those places before

#2 Dotdot



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Posted 09 July 2012 - 10:30

I took a $500 (£350-ish) ring in and was told they wouldnt take it.

Ive still got the damn thing ><

#3 Detection


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 12:19

Jewellers ?

#4 episode


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 12:26

Get it appraised and then list it on ebay.

#5 Slammers



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Posted 09 July 2012 - 12:33

Don't ever take anything to a pawn shop unless you absolutely need cash there and then. They will pay you less than half of what you could sell it for elsewhere.

#6 vetneufuse


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 12:34

Most pawn shops will take you for a ride on jewlery, even if its a $7500 ring, they might come back with a lame offer of $700 because "they are taking the risk" from you.. you are more likely to sell it on the open market such as ebay or to a jewler for a much higher price...

#7 OP swissdude



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Posted 09 July 2012 - 12:58

How do I get a ring or jewellery appraised? Where to go or who to go to? Thanks

#8 xendrome


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Posted 09 July 2012 - 13:06

How do I get a ring or jewellery appraised? Where to go or who to go to? Thanks

A jeweler maybe? Honestly you are going to have to do some work on your own here...

#9 Buttus


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Posted 10 July 2012 - 22:51

check to see if a jewelry store near you will sell it on consignment, or maybe a high end consignment shop around you...

pawn shops give like 10% of what stuff is worth...

#10 ylcard



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Posted 12 July 2012 - 00:29

No chance in hell that you'll sell that thing for even half of its worth, even if it is valuable and they verify it, shops are in it to make money, they will not buy it unless they'll make a good profit.
I guess it's best sold to an individual, but it'll be harder to find and even then you can forget about the price being what it was bought for.

#11 alpha2beta



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Posted 12 July 2012 - 00:40



#12 Southern Patriot

Southern Patriot

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 13:26

I agree with most of the above posters. Taking it to a jewelry store would probably be your best bet, but even then, you shouldn't expect more than half of what it originally cost, unless the price of gold or diamonds has gone up substantially since you first got it.

#13 Charisma



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Posted 15 July 2012 - 16:25

$7500? Damn, son.
Marry me with it?
*cough* Good luck, I hope you can get at least a decent bit of it back--roadwarrior is right, though, you won't get the full cost back =/
Could always try selling it on eBay or something, with a minimum amount you'd be willing to sell it for as the min cap.