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Female dog named Amanda saved her puppies from a fire in Temuco

chile puppies fire

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Posted 12 August 2012 - 17:59

(this is translated text)

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The Shepherd named Amparo, died last night about 20:00 hours at his home in Antifil Street due to the severe burns he suffered. There is the rest of the family affected by the fire recorded yesterday at noon, temporarily living as victims.

Product of their severe burns, died last night, one of the puppies that were saved from a fire in Temuco by a dog called Amanda, in the Santa Rosa sector of the regional capital.

The heroic action of the dog, however, was not in vain, because the other four remaining puppies of the litter survived.

L'Amour - called Amparo - died last night about 20:00 hours at his home in Antifil Street. There is the rest of the family affected by the registered fire yesterday at noon, who temporarily live as victims.

This morning, the veterinarian clinic Altamira, Felipe Lara, explained that the puppy was ill yesterday. "There are (were) four of them super well, without Burns, but one fell when they were rescuing and presents several burns in the abdomen, the mouth and lost tired skin." "The truth is that it is complicated," said Lara, on Amparo, the dog who died last night.

On the State of Amanda, Lara said that the dog was stressed and very aggressive to defend their cubs. "The funny thing is that not caught those who were healthy, she took no, which was enfermito, wanted to be with him and biting around the world so that does not take it".

The vet explained that Amanda, with puppies, could not be hospitalized due to that given the age of the animals - less 10 days - is dangerous to away from his mother.

About the heroic attitude of the Amanda, Felipe Lara said that it is super common to animals to literally defend with nails and teeth, their puppies. "It is fed up with cats, they sometimes stop at hidden places and carried their puppies everywhere."

On the understanding of Amanda to capture the imminent danger to his litter yesterday, Lara added that "in all ways they understand threats;" "If you see fire and smoke, more noise, bustle, takes it as something dangerous for their puppies and saved them, because firefighters took to the dogs and fell them one, and the Amanda returned to look for him and accommodated them in the car bombs".
Source (Microsoft Translator)

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 01:35

That's amazing.

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Posted 13 August 2012 - 02:20

I had a lot of trouble understanding that and then I saw at the bottom it was a translation, put it in Google Translate and it was much easier to understand even though tsill not perfect.