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WRT54GL not showing printer IP, but printer is working.

dhcp printer network wrt54gl

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#1 Cheryl_27



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Posted 14 August 2012 - 19:06

Had a several hr power outage (though everything's on surge protectors & UPS). Everything came back on normally after I reset router & restored a BU config file w/ proper settings, ISP PW, etc.
Except the HP printer. Gave error (that I've seen several times in past) "error -Ink System Failure". That's apparently HP's catch all err msg for anything that's wrong.

Apparently, ethernet cable from router TO printer was loose after my "troubleshooting"? After lot of (other) unnecessary troubleshooting, reset router, restored BU config file, tried a diff router to printer ethernet cable. Printer worked - both from wired desktop & wireless laptop.

Reconnected old ethernet cable (need the longer one) from router to printer. Router's port light for printer cable is solid green - good. Printer now works w/ old router to printer cable - from desktop & wireless laptop. STILL not showing in DHCP client table.

Printer STILL not listed, though printer's own display shows it had an IP (obviously has one, if printing). But wired desktop, Linksys voip ATA, & a wireless laptop WERE in DHCP table.
No other devices are showing same IP address as printer's display shows - good.

So, reset router ONE more time - held reset button > 30 sec; other devices lost connection, so knew router was reset. Restored BU router config file - again. " Restore Successful."

This time after logging into router UI w/ PW I've set, it wasn't showing the VOIP ATA or Printer. But, had a VOIP dial tone, so it WAS assigned IP from router - just not in DHCP table.
Unplugged ATA from router for few sec - plugged back. Very quickly, VOIP ATA showed up in DHCP table w/ proper IP. But printer's still is NOT (though it's printing).

Not sure why all other devices ARE in DHCP table EXCEPT printer. Closed / reopened router UI couple times. Refreshed DHCP table couple times. Printer works - still not in DHCP table. Only real reason I care, is NEXT TIME I have to troubleshoot printer, need to know it's actually registered w/ the router. If doesn't show in DHCP table, can't tell for sure what might be wrong.

Short of flashing router firmware w/ same version as installed - (NO IDEA it would have any effect) - not sure why router isn't showing printer or what to do to correct.

Any other ideas? Thanks.

#2 surrealvortex



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Posted 14 August 2012 - 19:56

Did it show on the DHCP table before all this? Could the IP be static?

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 20:00

^ exactly.. Look on the printer, if set for dhcp. Reset the printer (power on and off) So it should renew its lease if its DHCP.

But until you check the printer - for all we know its static, or has a lease time of longer than you have allowed for and has not renewed it, etc.

What is your lease time setup on the router?

#4 Roger H.

Roger H.

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Posted 14 August 2012 - 20:05

Seems like my internet connection failed me today as I was gonna ask the samething as the others (had to refresh a few times! )

I'm guessing someone set the printer to static IP address so you can always print to it. If the printer changes it's IP address and you are using TCP mode (vs WSD mode in Windows 7) you will loose print capability to that printer if the IP changes for whatever reason.

(WSD automatically updates IP addresses if it changes)

So yes if the printer is set to static IP it wont show in the DHCP table since it's not requesting one.

#5 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 14 August 2012 - 21:58

Thanks everyone. Something is vaguely familiar about the static IP address - but not positive nor remember fully.

1st, if I once knew how to set a static IP for printer when everything else is DHCP (& I may have) - long since forgotten. Maybe to prevent problems w/ printer address changing & wireless laptop not printing until change its port # for the printer??
Only thing I see in printer web UI, is

Configured By: Manual IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway:
Configured By: Manual Preferred DNS Server: Alternate DNS Server:

Also, on another page in the UI:

IP Address Configuration
Caution: Changing the IP address can disrupt the current connection to the embedded Web server. Automatic IP Manual IP Manual IP Address:
. . . Manual Subnet Mask:
. . . Manual Default Gateway:
. . .

Above "screen" doesn't show it, but "manual IP Address" is selected, & beside "Manual IP" is (same as printer control panel shows). I'm guessing the checked "Manua IP" indicates at some point, I set the address of x.110? My mind is going to hell in a hand basket.
As for "checking printer to see if it's set for DHCP", did you mean look in the UI - because don't see anything in the printer's control panel / network info - other than under IPv4 > Configuration Source - says "Manual."

If everyone's correct about it being a static (manual) IP, (good catch :D), then BIG remaining question is... why did I have to reset the router, restore a BU config file to get the printer to work, if it wasn't assigning the printer an address?
I seriously doubt (could be wrong) that unplugging printer power adapter from wall & printer - SEVERAL TIMES - & each time leaving unplugged from 10 min to over night (& unplugging USB to PC), got it to working.
In fact, after all that, it STILL didn't work until after resetting the router / restoring the BU config file. But, if printer's on static IP, resetting router shouldn't matter one way or other. Correct?

If I'm correct about above assumption, maybe - just maybe - either the printer to router ethernet cable got slightly "jarred / bad connection" at some point, & unplugging / replugging it was all that was ever wrong?

Still, FACT OF MATTER is - after the power outage, printer would NOT work - gave bogus "Ink System Failure." Possible long shot - printer ethernet cable connectors just aren't holding as tightly in ports as they should & even moving router slightly (when 1st reset it after power outage) caused bad cable connection. Just guessing. If resetting router shouldn't affect a static IP device?, a loose cable seems another likely cause, given the symptoms.

Unless I'm missing something about the static IP / router scenario, guess I'd better examine the cable closely to see if either end comes loose by moving devices around a bit. Man - if it turns out a $6 - 8 cable was the problem all along, I'm gonna be, uh... not thrilled!

#6 +BudMan


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Posted 15 August 2012 - 12:46

Manual IP Address:

Yes that is static.

As to your backup configs and all -- Have no idea, most likely you chasing your tail. Could of been something stepping on the IP you set static in what I would assume is in the middle of your dhcp scope.

What IP range do you give out on your router?? 192.168.1.? to ? If you giving out say .100 to .150 -- its quite possible you gave something else .110, which the printer had set static! So you had two things with same IP = your going to have a bad time.

Make sure you printers STATIC/MANUAL IP is outside the range you hand out for dhcp.. For example make sure your dhcp scope starts with .111 to say .161 if your using .110. This way your router can not hand a dhcp client an IP that is already used.

#7 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 15 August 2012 - 14:20

Thanks BudMan. I'll check, but almost positive nothing else has an IP nearly as high as x.110. Only have 3 DCHP devices + static printer. Never seen other 3 devices w/ IP > x.105 - even yesterday. Fairly sure (now my sad memory is starting to work) that's why I gave printer higher IP. BTW, router IP range is x.100 to x.149. Other few DHCP devices are always assigned in x.101 to x.105 range.

Makes sense now, but until you mentioned, never thought about assigning printer static IP OUTSIDE of DHCP range. Though for THIS instance, not sure that was the problem.
Since default DHCP range is 100 to 149, can you assign a static IP ABOVE that, just as easily as changing the DHCP range (so static IP can be BELOW DHCP range)? Or will it work either way?

Really appreciate everyone's input. Good ideas & should help many users shorten troubleshooting time. I'm writing all this down & filing for next time (THOUGHT I did last time...).
Could be wrong, but THIS time, I think problems (& resolution) may've been "perfect storm" combo of:

1. going thru HP's recommended steps of "clearing" printer's error memory (my experience w/ that is, once is NOT always enough). You have to unplug power pack from WALL, also - to allow fully discharging.
2. Possibly following model specific troubleshooting steps at http://www.out-of-wa...rror-0xc18a-hp/ . Found it couple days ago - has LOTS of detailed steps for dealing w/ HP printer errors (often HP printer model / series specific).
3. Possibly printer ethernet cable coming loose, as devices were moved around - resetting router, etc. It didn't fall OUT, but when checking it (again, when everything seemed to check out - running HP newest printer diagnostic util, but still couldn't print). Male plug seemed to come out too easily, by BARELY depressing release clip - like the locking clip is "sprung," (but not broken). Plugs have to be examined closely. If they don't lock WELL, will sometimes stay connected - until you slightly move a device.

Then connector may back out - just enough to lose good connection. If don't hear a solid "click" when plugging phone / ethernet plugs in (& / or if it comes out by BARELY depressing locking clip) - may need to replace male end or get new cable.

Connectors on some cables included w/ devices are... crap. If can find replacement RJ 45 (ethernet) male connectors, fairly easy to replace - even w/o special tool. Once OUTER cable sheathing is cut back, conductors are inserted in CORRECT color order, can use very small, flat blade screw driver to push down each gold metal connector, JUST below surface of plastic plug. Look at an old cable. Doesn't take much pressure to depress gold metal connector strips, so they pierce the small, individual conductor plastic sheathing.

#8 Daedroth



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Posted 15 August 2012 - 14:22

You can address it anything between .1 to .254, providing the address you chose isn't already being used by a different device. So yes, you can assign it outside of the DHCP range. Or even inside it, it won't matter.

#9 +BudMan


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Posted 15 August 2012 - 15:39

"Or even inside it, it won't matter."

If you setup a reservation vs static on the device - then sure it wouldn't matter that your reservation is inside your scope. Because dhcp server would never hand it out to any other device other than the device with the mac on the reservation.

And depending on the dhcp server and or client - dhcp server might check before sending, or dhcp client should even check before it accepts the lease - if there is duplicate. But you never know what dhcp client is being used, and or if the dhcp server adheres to rfcs, etc.

It is NEVER a good idea to setup devices with STATIC/Manual IPs on the device itself with an IP that falls inside what your dhcp scope hands out for IP. NEVER!! Since you never know what different clients may or may do to check for dupes before accepting.

You could of also run into a issue with your reloading of BU config - does this config maintain the dhcp lease table - or is that just stored in nvram on the router? Its quite possible with your troubleshooting, rebooting this, reloading that, etc. That leases walked up scope and got a higher number, even if you only have 3 dhcp devices, etc.

If you have problems with the connectors on the cable - just buy a NEW cable!! They are not very expensive, get them at monoprice or deepsurplus you can get like 25fters for 3.5 for 5e and 4.5 for Cat 6.. For the cost of the new cable its not worth the time to install new connectors and then test them, etc..

#10 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 15 August 2012 - 16:51

When the WRT54GL loses connection (when rarely happens, 99.99 % time it's after power outage, lasting longer than UPS running time) - ONLY way I've ever found to get an internet connection back, is reset router & restore BU config file.
I don't know if it stores DHCP table in the BU file (data not in readable form). But, this time I checked IPs of the DHCP devices & they were same as usual - from x.101 - x.105. So, this time doesn't look like THE problem. Also never seen it happen in past. But, you're right (I suppose) - depending on what checking DHCP server does, possible 2 devices could get same IP. My guess is, the server does check, since I've never seen that happen.

Since I now know a static IP can be outside the DHCP range, that'll remove any possible conflict.

For cables / replacement connectors, not heard of places you mentioned, but I'll check 'em. Depending on quality, delivered price, etc., (or locally - cost of gas, auto wear & tear...). If a decent 10 ft cable can be delivered for $2, not worth the time repairing one.
Not sure of cost for sm. pack RJ 45 connectors, but a pack of reg. RJ 11 are cheap. Once you've replaced one, can do it easily in < 5 min. unless not mechanically inclined at all. Course, I installed a few 1000 during a summer job. Can also make cable lengths to suit.

#11 +BudMan


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Posted 15 August 2012 - 17:05

You never heard of http://www.monoprice.com or http://deepsurplus.com/ ??? guess never been the market for buying cable at GREAT prices with cheap/fast/shipping ;)

Over the years have placed multiple orders with both companies - never had issues with quality, or speed of delivery, etc. I would recommend both of these sites for anyone looking for any sort of cable, be it ethernet/hdmi/tos/sata/vga/etc.. etc..

You have something WRONG!!! If you have to reload any sort of config on your router after a power loss. Router should come back up after a power loss without having to do anything. Worse case if your modem was not online when router booted, you may have to renew the wan interface on the router - this can be done in the gui of the router. Or you can just reboot it after your modem is showing online.

Kind of hard for router to get a wan IP, if your modem has not finished booting. Modem normally will take quite a bit longer to boot then just router on power cycle.

I would suggest once your stable you troubleshoot what happens on your router when you reboot it - does it not save its config? If not then look into fixing the issue why that. You should NOT have to reload your config from backup, unless you did a HARD RESET of the router by holding the reset button for like 30 seconds, or holding it during it power on, etc. Have to look up the HARD RESET method for the wrt54GL -- not sure of it off the head. But unless you did a HR, config should still be there on power cycle/reboot.

#12 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 15 August 2012 - 20:04

Nope, never heard of 'em. But good to know.

Router SHOULD come back up after power outage & DOES come back up are 2 diff things. Must be low octane electricity here. :) Before I got a UPS, this router - any router I've tried - mostly wouldn't re establish WAN connection w/o some action. Sometimes they would. Strangely, we have a LOT of power outages (in a metro area). My UPS life is longer than many outages. If you or someone could figure out why my router won't re establish connection, or at least when I click reconnect in the UI, I'd be grateful. I've explored it several times in forums w/ no real solution & just found doing hard reset & restoring config file was faster in the end.

I've tried using the "reconnect" button in router UI after power outages, that last longer than UPS battery life, or if have to disconnect equip for some reason. Occasionally, it will get a new IP by clicking the button, but way more often, I have to hard reset the router & restore BU config file. Also tried, after power comes back on, powering off router - again - then on (rebooting). Usually doesn't work. The modem comes back fine & gets DSL connection after outages. Suppose it's possible that when power comes back, router comes on & does its thing more quickly than modem finishes connecting - & router doesn't "like" that?

This is one of main reasons I went thru a few routers before getting WRT54GL. None would re establish connection after power outages. Got a UPS & that prevents the router problem for shorter outages.

Yes, AFAICT router saves the config info after outages. Whether ANY info is missing / damaged (espec. like ISP PW) - dunno. All the readable config info seems OK, but haven't checked it closely before / after ourtages. I suppose if it's NOT saving all config / PW info, nothing to do but try ANOTHER in a long line of routers that won't reconnect.

Maybe it's THE modem brand / model (2Wire) not playing nice w/ the Linksys? If so, Netgear didn't like it either. But, I've heard of lots of people having to do same thing. Maybe they're just as dumb as I am?? If once modem is reconnected, in router UI - click "reconnect," it tries several times & gives "cannot connect" error. Other than after longer outages, absolutely no problems. If modem loses signal a few sec / couple min because ISP server is down??, then router WILL get WAN connection back.

Rebooting router: may worked a FEW times (not usually), but when you consider the power's already been off for hrs, turning it off again (unplugging) doesn't make a lot of sense, unless just some oddity w/ the router.

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Posted 15 August 2012 - 20:25

Whats the exact model number of your "modem" the device the wrt54gl is plugged into.

Your sure its not a modem/router combo -- you mention dsl, I have not seen a pure dsl modem in years and years, they are all gateway devices (modem/router combo) Unless you have put your "modem" into bridge mode - maybe your double natting?

You say you login on the router? So your doing a PPPoE type connection?

Can you post the screen shot of your router wan config page - and the exact model number of your "modem"

#14 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 15 August 2012 - 22:13

You're correct - it's a 2Wire 2701 HG-B Gateway, put into bridge mode. The router part wouldn't work w/ VOIP (don't EVEN want to discuss how much time I spent w/ AT&T / 2Wire / VOIP provider Tier 2 techs). Put in bridge mode, got a router - VOIP worked. Can't say exactly how well this modem & router communicate, but 2Wire never fails to reconnect after ANY kind of outage. If there are no POWER outages, never lost WAN connection for > couple min. w/ this "modem" & router. Then reconnects on its own.

Yes, PPPoE. I'll assume what you want by the "WAN config page." Let me know if screens aren't what you want.

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#15 +BudMan


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Posted 16 August 2012 - 11:40

Ok good to hear your in bridge mode - first thing. So you bought a GL, and then you left their nasty crapware firmware on it??

You have a GL -- put some 3rd party on it.. Be it dd-wrt, Tomato, TomatoUSB, openwrt, hyperWRT, etc. etc..

I would really suggest you do that, then if your still having issue we can look into why. But I have a funny feeling that once you put some decent firmware on it your problems will be gone.