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What game to buy for the Xbox 360?

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#1 ACTIONpack


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Posted 02 September 2012 - 03:30

Haven't use my Xbox 360 for games for a long time. The only thing I use it is for watchings netflix, hulu and Windows Media. What games are good for xbox that last a long time aka online gaming.

#2 Auroka



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Posted 02 September 2012 - 04:35

Unfortunately I'm not a mind reader and don't know what genres you prefer, but I bought SSX on release day and I'm still playing it.

I also recommend checking out Fez. It's not an online game but if you don't use any guides it will take a long time to get 100%! :rofl:

#3 bgjerlow



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Posted 02 September 2012 - 09:58

Sleeping Dogs is awesome. It has a great story, plus there are lots of side missions and other stuff to do as well. If you're into first person-shooters I would recommend getting Battlefield 3 as well. If you're in the racing games however, you absolutely have to get Forza Motorsport 4. Best racing game ever.

I would also recommend Max Payne 3, Dead Island, and Fallout 3,

#4 compl3x


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Posted 02 September 2012 - 10:38

Skyrim has a crap-load to do. It's not online, though.

#5 Razorwing


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Posted 02 September 2012 - 16:12

it really depends on which genre you like.

#6 leesmithg


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Posted 02 September 2012 - 16:18

How about Assassin's Creed 3?

I pre-ordered it for my sons birthday at his request.



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Posted 02 September 2012 - 17:34

$15 = CS:GO.

Gears of War 3? Battlefield 3? Call of Duty? It really just depends on what you're into. I'm all about shooters so my recommendations are biased.

#8 Roger H.

Roger H.

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Posted 02 September 2012 - 18:10

Call of Duty and Gears of War 3 is still pretty active so lots of fun to be had there, actually playing GOW3 now after getting the season pass yesterday to get all the maps (cheaper that way still). Max Payne 3 also is not bad for a good shoot em up.

#9 UKDarkJedi



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Posted 02 September 2012 - 22:21

As has been said it really does depend hugely on what your tastes are.

Forza 4 is a great simulation racer that with all the challenges that renew every so often meaning you've always got something to do.
For ARPG's: Skyrim is the daddy but if you want a JPRG there's a lot of options, Final Fantasy XIII or for something slightly different, Lost Odyssey is amazing but also very long. You could also try Blue Dragon for something REALLY off the wall, bats**t crazy.
Shooters: Well you've got a lot of choice, depends on whether you like Call Of Duty or Battlefield, the latter is probably better to my tastes but you might prefer CoD.
Free Roam games, Crackdown (and 2) was always a good laugh, or you've got the new Sleeping Dogs, or Just Cause 2 (JC2 lasted me a HUGE amount of time and I still haven't really completed it)
Or you could go sport games: Tiger Woods (I prefer 12 over 13), Fifa if you like football (or soccer?), and 11 is probably my favourite. Or you could go American Football and choose Madden.
For platformers you're a little more limited, but you could do worse than choosing Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands, or the Prince Of Persia that came out before it. Both good games, eminently enjoyable but could be called short.

You'll still have to tell us what you want genrewise though.

#10 nunu500



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Posted 29 October 2012 - 17:07

what kind of games do you prefer?

and if you are looking for a shop I recommend digitto.co

#11 Lamp0


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 19:34

007 legends.

#12 compl3x


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Posted 29 October 2012 - 20:41

Wasn't this topic in the Microsoft console forum? why was it moved out here? Have the mods been drinking?

007 legends.

Holy Christ, don't buy that.

#13 nunu500



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Posted 03 December 2012 - 14:50

What did you buy? At digiito.co maybe at least?

#14 jmc15john


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 14:54

Get Halo 4. Halo's have always had a long life for online play. Heck I was still playing Halo Reach before Halo 4 came out and there were usually over 100,000 people online everynight playing.

#15 Ph1b3r0pt1c



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Posted 03 December 2012 - 15:16

I am seriously not trying to start anything here, but can someone explain the hype of Halo to me? Over the years I have played most of the FPS's that the 360 had, but I never could understand the hype behind Halo. I never found it to even be that good to be honest. But then again, I still play World of Warcraft, as well as Starcraft, so that may have some sway in my decisions. I just don't understand the Halo hype, at all.