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Apple usually mentions when developers will get their hands on preview releases but not at today's event. The developer site has just gone down for maintenance, however, but briefly sported a graphic stating that it's available to developers now. The release notes have also been uploaded.

I'm also hoping it'll come back with a preview release of the new iTunes (version 11?)

So in a few hours I'm sure it'll be all over the internet.

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[quote name='SMELTN' timestamp='1347650793' post='595176185']
another problem... I like the facebook integration, but HATE how it shows the contacts when trying to send a txt message. I found out how to turn it off on the contact list itself, but when sending a text to someone, if I click the + button to add the name it pulls up all 500+ of my friends on facebook.. How do I turn that off as well?

When you click the + button and the contacts list comes up, click on the "Groups" button and uncheck "All Facebook". That setting should save for the + button, but as you fill in names for autocomplete it will still bring up Facebook names....

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