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Just wondering here...

In the UK we have an option called the Telephone Preference Service. It's governed under something call the Direct Marketing Association. Essentially you register your number for free (you just have to prove you own that number every 12 months or your registrations lapses) and any companies using direct marketing techniques (as you seem to be plagued by) who call you while your number is registered will earn a "strike" once you've reported them. Three strikes and those companies are fined heavily and repeated offences after that will have them investigated by the national watchdog (OfCom in our case) which means they essentially have to stop business for a few days to have everything they do gone over with a fine tooth comb.

I'm assuming however, you're not a resident of our green and pleasant land but there should be something like this available where you live?

I didn't know you had to prove you own the number, might explain why the parents have been getting loads of nuisance calls for the last few years :o

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I finally found an app that does what I wanted without being sketchy: Call Control - Call Blocker. It's not free (well, it is, but the "lite" version is largely useless) and I have no idea how much it costs. However, it has the "community blacklist" which is what I was looking for.

For those with CyanogenMod, it has a call block feature built in, no 3rd party app necessary.

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Do USA carriers not put number into quarantine for a certain amount of time before re-using the number?

Actually they do, telemarketers just keep pinging the number till it's active again, same with bill collectors, I worked for a phone provider, we had just gotten access to a block of numbers, as soon as we started issuing them the telemarketers started calling, it was a mess to deal with, forget how they got the numbers or what was done to fix it

As for blocking, Galaxy phones have it built into TW, works very well, I have no clue they called unless they leave a massage

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