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I am trying to grab stock quotes from Yahoo Finance. I am completely new to regular expressions...

The stock price comes like this: [size=3][font=monospace]<span id="yfs_l84_$symbol">[color=#000000]price[/color][/font][font=monospace]</span>, where $symbol is the ticker symbol and price is something like 6.75 (no $ sign)[/font]

[font=monospace]This is what I have so far:[/font][/size]

$content = file_get_contents('http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=$symbol');

preg_match('#<span id="yfs_184_$symbol">#', $content, $match);
$price = $match[1];

echo "Price: $price";

I really have no idea what I'm doing with preg_match, and the PHP documentation didn't really help much. When I run this code, I get "error: Undefined Offset: 1," referring to $match[1].

What am I doing wrong?

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Have you tried the CSV feed via YQL interface, it's pretty handy.


Note the REST [url="http://is.gd/WKTXYF"]link[/url] towards the bottom of the page.

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