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Ebay New Logo Splash Page

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#1 pphheerroonn



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Posted 26 September 2012 - 11:35

Hi, I've had a great idea for a website, and I think the page that Ebay has created for it's new logo is very interesting. I'm just wondering if anyone could give me any insight on how to recreate it.


I sort of gather that the logo you can see through the gaps is set as the main bg, fixed and the front section just scrolls past it.

Two main questions,
How do they get the 'front' div to fill the page
How do they get the bg to change as you scroll down the page.

Thanks! :)

#2 Xoligy



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Posted 26 September 2012 - 15:08

Looks like one giant div with 5 holes in for the 5 bg images, you can find the css here: http://pages.ebay.co...new/css/all.css

parts your looking for are:

.layout-logo .info-section

.layout-logo #image-1



I think, but im no wizz kid so maybe someone can exaplin better than just looking at the code lol