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Posted 11 October 2012 - 10:28

as the topic specifies....

as for me......

I went without sleeping for 72 hrs becuase we had a colicky baby in the house that would not stop crying... and it was screaming bloody murder 80% of the time. The cries would peirce everything.... I even tried to sleep in the closet and put everything I could on the sides of it and use headphones and I still heard the baby crying!!! the parents were dumbasses (yes I can call my bro a dumbass cuz he is) and could only get the baby to sop screaming for like 3 hours in a day.and i tried so hard to sleep in that narrow window and my damn bladder kept me up.... arrrrg!

this was becuase I was snowed in (3 ft of snow stuck in a doublewide in the middle of nowhere half mile driveway and 8 people incl me in the house and the colcky baby and a cranky gramma) and one of the baby's parents was sick. so we were stuck also with a sick person.... this was hell HELL H E L L!!!!