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Police need new internet surveillance tools, say chiefs


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#1 ThePitt


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Posted 28 October 2012 - 16:15

Bill C-30 would give police access to internet communications without a warrant

The Canadian Association of Police Chiefs is calling on the federal government to pass its controversial internet surveillance bill so police can fight cybercrime more effectively.
Association president and Vancouver police Chief Jim Chu says he is concerned Bill C-30 will die on the order paper, meaning officers investigating criminal activity on cellphones and the internet will still have to get a warrant every time they want to intercept communications by cybercriminals.
"Law enforcement continues to be handcuffed by legislation introduced in 1975, the days of the rotary telephone," said Chu on Friday morning in Vancouver.
Bill C-30 was introduced by Public Safety Minister Vic Toews last winter and was immediately criticized by many groups concerned about the sweeping powers it would give the government to track the ordinary activities of citizens online without judicial oversight.


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Posted 28 October 2012 - 16:54

Well shucks, I guess they'll just have to keep getting those warrants eh? The amount of progress the "warrantless wiretapping is needed for good policing" movement is making is quite orwellian.

#3 JaredFrost



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Posted 28 October 2012 - 18:52

I fail to see how getting a warrant first would hinder their ability to fight crime, and being able to do it without a warrant would just breed
crime and corruption within the police, organized crime could join the police force with the sole intent of using this power to avoid the police.

#4 Xoligy



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Posted 28 October 2012 - 19:01

Without a warrant they can always monitor whats happening, if they have a feeling then they can say im looking into this or that, but like everything it will be abused they can say they are following up ona lead when in fact they could just be spaying on someone they dont like, also it would mean that those criminals that do have people in the police can have others monitored so they are infact helping the criminals more.

Warrants mean that there is a paper trail and explaining on what your doing to the higher ups.
No warrants mean they can do as they please without much explanation yes there will still be paper work but there will always be ways to say "im just following a hunch i got" when they are just abusing the system.

Bad idia i think and im not in the states but if it happened to soon spread to other countries, besides criminals are smart they would just start using vpns for internet conduct and encryption as fr calls there is always code. Hell i can say im off to see my mom dont mean i am, i could be in the pub lol next they will want us all weaing tracking devices so they can see where we all are and then call us and say "Why are you there when you at x when you said you be at y" cause taxi companies and police already lowjack there cars, they just want it wide spread more with easier access.

#5 Phouchg


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Posted 28 October 2012 - 19:27

And we need to have the system of likes:

"All government officials," Melith explained, "wear the badge of office, which contains a traditional amount of tessium, an explosive you may have heard of. The charge is radio-controlled from the Citizens Booth. Any citizen has access to the Booth, for the purpose of expressing his disapproval of the government." Melith sighed. "This will go down as a permanent black mark against poor Borg's record."
"You let the people express their disapproval by blowing up officials?" Goodman croaked, appalled.
"It's the only way that means anything," said Melith "Check and balance. Just as the people are in our hands, so we are in the people's hands.".

-- R. Sheckley, "Ticket To Tranai"

I volunteer to code an EoIP (Explode-over-Internet-Protocol) solution, for a... reasonable sum of monies, too.