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The HP envy 4
Sorry it isn't a professional review compared to others, but I don't know how to do professional stuff, just amateur stuff :)

[b]Why I went for this laptop/ultrabook[/b]

Like most people I wasn

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So a month on, how is it?

well i'll admit there are a few problems.
the fact that the heat vents are at the bottom means you can keep the laptop on your bed, as it just boils!
also the fans are noisy and come on every so often, but a bit too loud.
the trackpad for some reasons dont feel sensitive to use, its nice to touch but for some reason just not accurate.

also even with a bluetooth mouse, windows 8 can be a bit clunky.
IE10 just isnt stable compared to chrome, you'll notice it more when you open 10 tabs. so you end up using the desktop mode. although chrome does a have metro ui too

All in all, for those on the fence of macbook or continue windows its probably the best time to switch. for diehard windows users you probably will find its just not as easy to use for work reasons. for ipad/tablet use its its, just not proper work

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