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Bin Laden unit Seal Team Six punished over video game


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Posted 10 November 2012 - 04:52

I was rated by Mensa as having "very superior Intelligence", please do not confuse my morality with intelligence you just make your self look stupid. Just tip for the future so you do not do it again.

Apparently that very superior intelligence hasn't done much for your grammar...
...but works wonderfully for your self delusion.

On topic, They should have had a greater sense of responsibility, I.M.O.

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 14:12

I think you might want to talk to your "friend" again as you clearly have no clue.

Also, shouldn't someone of "very superior intelligence" have more than a third grade grasp on grammar? Just sayin'. :rolleyes:

IQ has nothing to do with grammar .... most IQ tests are non-language based.... I know my grammar is terrible my spelling is awful but I am a computer scientist which I became after 4 years of biological sciences... So smiley face at you good sir....

I have served in the military even in war and sitting here in Afghanistan supporting troops in another war...and no you are not supposed to talk about some missions until a specific time has passed depending on what that clearance level of the mission was. This is why they are being only 2 months of pay taken. this is article 15 offense. now if they would of talked about NON specific missions....then they would of been alright.

they said they didnt talk about actually occurrences (from what I get from the article ) they just happen to be in teams of high clearance one who was even in the bin laden shoot out