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Hi all,

I am looking at the Samsung Smart Tv's and like the fact that they can connect to my wireless network to access the internet and such.

I was wondering though if anyone knows if this allowed me to wirelessly connect to computers on my network and stream music, movies, pictures, etc. And if I was able to wirelessly use the tv as a monitor or if I would need to plug the computer in in order to do this. Also, would I use an HDMI port to do this?

I've never used a tv as a monitor before. Lol

Thanks for the help. :)

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I can partially answer this.

I believe one of the smart tv apps acts as a dlna media device, meaning it your computer can stream media via dlna - such as the free/open source PS3 media server (http://www.ps3mediaserver.org/) you can stream to the tv.

If you hook your pc directly to your tv

As long as your video card has hdmi out, you can connect it to the tv as hdmi.

This will proably default your audio to your tv (vs sound card -> speakers) but thats an easy fix, just change the audio setting back to sound card as default.

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Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. I guess I'll be getting that TV then. :)

Thanks Again,

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