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help with DES and AES


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Posted 23 November 2012 - 13:19

Having a history with security let me divulge my knowledge...
In the big large world of large and private companies and whatnot, you don't deal with 'we want 100% secure unhackable encryption and programs', you deal with % certainty that the information you've got is legitimate and % of it which is true, and % change it's been read by someone else.
Nothing is 100%, not even military can get 100%!

So don't worry if you can't get near 100% :p that'd be normal.

There's loads of factors that can influence them, if you're using signed PKI certificates, a hacker doesn't have to nick your certificates to be able to read or send false data, they can extract them server the server that signed them, for instance, they could forensically extract them from a USB/PC/Hard drive you've chucked.
As mad as it may seem, your system being not 100% secure is fine :)

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Posted 25 November 2012 - 03:25

It probably wouldn't take more than half an hour to get a proof of concept server running node or sinatra up on heroku...might make a fun project

I do not understand this line?

hi sorry it took so long to reply I have been working on loads of different piece of software I came back to this one today about an hour ago I have got it encrypting over the network ... once I got the decryption working (5mins if there are no bugs) then I will work on improving, my biggest down fall is adding features after the aim of the program is complete, so my code is about to get REALLY messy ...

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Posted 25 November 2012 - 04:42


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Posted 25 November 2012 - 16:07

I was just thinking out loud that it might be fun to bang out a chat server that shuttled encrypted messages between clients. Heroku is a cloud computing platform, Node and Ruby programming languages/environments that are really easy to get up and running on that platform.

Refactoring is easy if you've been keeping up on tests. Rather than accepting that things get hard once you get past half a dozen functions you should learn to use tests to help you develop sane code and testing to ensure you don't ruin everything. It's never a bad time to start writing tests for your code.

I always work on individual functions away from my main code if possible to see if they will work ..... though at the moment I am having trouble with the final method of my code ... the decrypting ... it does not seem to like the cipher.dofinal

byte[] cipherData = cipher.doFinal(src);

I cannot work out why .... i must have a typo or something somewhere I like your suggestion and I did think about something last night in regards to the chat system you fore mentioned I have many servers at my disposel for testing it will probs be the 4rd step I take in this project (2nd is getting it connect to a damn database for logins and 3rd is android )

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