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Very true, and this is another misconception. Frying or searing don't seal in juices, but they help with browning and getting a great texture. That's why I like to flash fry to add the final touch when cooking some meats. Frying is definitely one of the most misunderstood methods of cooking.

Then again, most people massively overcook their food regardless of the method resulting in dry meat. I almost can't stand eating a steak I didn't cook these days.

Yup, much agreed. A steak is pretty much the last thing I'll ever order at a restaurant unless it's somewhere really high class. I worked at a fancy restaurant when I was in high school and the cooks were basically the kids that didn't go to college. Not the kind of person I'd want to trust with a $50 steak. ;)

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I never liked turkey much until I tried one deep-fried. Now it is one of my top 5 favorite foods. You worried about too much fat? Stop being a fairy and enjoy life!


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This video is even crazier...


And never had a deep fried turkey, but I would like to try one, hear they are amazing.

there was clearly too much oil in that one as it overflowed immediately

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