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Finally Placed My Order For An SSD From Crucial.Com.

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Posted 05 December 2012 - 00:11

So I'm just going to go out and say this as an informative suggestion in case if you ever do change your mind if you are using USB 2.0 rather than SATA II that is located in a Mac mini mid 2010 model.

SATA II runs at a theoretical speed of 3Gbps (300MBps roughly,could be a bit less). But the way you are using your OS in OSX using USB 2.0 it is running at 480Mbps (roughly 48MBps), so you are seriously degrading the performance. That remedied by just replacing the hard drive that is located in the mac mini. Most external enclousures can be taken apart to gain access to the HDD that is inside and you can easily replace it. Run a program called Xbench and see how well your hard drives are performing compared to others on the internet who have done the switch to SSD using the SATA II interface.

Trim also modifies the OSX system to allow unofficial SSD to function with TRIM support. It doesn't void the warranty since it is a software modification to the operating system and in no way changes the hardware in the SSD. They do say that there is the risk that such modification can damage the operating system, I have yet to ee a case in which it does and I have personally applied this patch to a wide range of Mac computers.

Also for the terms of the warranty issue, the rule goes that basically if you don't destroy the machine while upgrading the ram and the Hard drive, you are still covered, as explained by macworld in which case they did contact apple about it and that was their reply http://www.macworld....010handson.html

Also on a side note, Do your research whenever you plan to upgrade a computer. Look into specifications of the computer to see what is has and what can be upgraded. Look into the type of connection the the Computer takes such as SATA I/II/IIIor PATA( Old School I know), and for ram you just need to choose your size, timing of the ram, and the type of ram with the right type of speed ( is it pc3-1066 or pc3-1866?, Will my computer support these types of ram modules? for example) Always do review searches for the type of hardware you are planning on buyng and seeing the reviews. Most people would write reviews on how fantastic a product is or how flawed it is. It is a good way of determining what to buy.

I never tend to go for the compatibility searches that most online retailers do for a specific product. They try to upsell or straight out sell the wrong product. Never buy anything blindly until you know what you are really getting yourself into ( in your case unfortunately, an external drive instead of an internal drive )

These are just helpful tips, in no way trying to troll/aggrivate/hate on you. The people of Neowin are here to help with whatever needs helping, and it really is rude when you just explode on people because of some tips that may or may not be helpful. If you don't want to listen for advice on a forum such as neowin, that is fine, no one is forcing you to. But explode a ball of hate towards users trying to help you? That is Crazy :s

Anyways, take care, and enjoy your mac mini.


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Posted 05 December 2012 - 05:02

This seens to have reached the only resolution possible, so, thread will be closed now.