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Problem installing Windows 98se (Yes, Windows 98se).

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 00:23

You might have to enable the max cpuid in the bios as well as disable hyperthreading and multiple cores.

did you even read the thread? the computer is an IBM NetVista S42. it's a computer from 2002 it doesn't have any of those things

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 18:53

did you even read the thread? the computer is an IBM NetVista S42. it's a computer from 2002 it doesn't have any of those things

Actually no, just the last couple of posts. :/

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 05:25

Well, thanks to everyone who replied to my original post. I tried a smaller physical drive with no success.
Maybe it's the motherboard, but I can't get past the first screen in the Windows 98se setup process, at least with what I know at this time.

So, I'll be taking a break. Strange enough, my old IBM S42 will let me install Windows 7 on it, and I've found all the necessary drivers.
I think I'm going to play around with all of the various fixes/programs that will restore the classic start menu, and see which one works best.

You might see me again in another part of the forum. Thanks again.

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 05:14

As a matter of personal interest, I tried to install Windows 98 SE on Hyper-V 2008 R2 SP1 today. I came up with the same result in any combo I tried. Which goes against a report I read online that someone said it worked.

It was quite puzzling as I ran the mouse driver in DOS and it said a mouse was detected. I gave up as it was just to have a quick test with.

Sorry it didn't work out for you darkrats. I know that 98 can be loaded in other VM's though.

Edit : After making some changes, I have been able to continue the setup. Mouse still doesn't work (Still despite the fact it's detected in DOS), but keyboard does.
A side note to this : if you click inside the VM window to capture the mouse, it locks setup. Not capturing the mouse still allows keyboard entry to work!

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 06:53

I'm sure that there is some funky hardware issue going on in the background where it is freezing just when it happens to get to that point. Good idea to give up. If you really want to give Windows 98 a try you are much better off using a Virtual Machine, even VirtualBox should run it pretty well, but don't use that old junk PC for it - that was designed for XP, use your main PC for Virtualisation.