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Can I get a old 2001 era notebook to connect to a WPA-PSK network?

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 22:29

WPS has been a known issue for quite some time, anyone still running it deserves to be hacked.. You can not live under a rock and expect to be secure, I know its a lot to ask for typical users.

But if you want to use technology - you need to learn some of the basics, how to keep it updated for starters.

You might not know how to rebuild your cars transmission, but you know that you need to get the oil changed, and buy new tires when the thread gets low. You know that you have to put gas in now and then right. Same goes for your wireless router - you need to check for security issues know and then. Are there updates, are there any issues with the security protocol you picked to secure it. A quick google or simple question on a board like this will get you the answers you need, etc.

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 22:52

will have to play with reaver..but I don't leave WPS on. You would need to have a wap with wps enabled for that to work.

yeah it must be PSK otherwise reaver wont crack it.
I dont know much about it really but something about PSK means it has the PINs that reaver guesses

what I do for secuirty is turn on the whitelist feature in my router, only my desktop, laptop and dads laptop are whitelisted. that way, even someone with the pass cant connect to our network

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 22:59

Wps is flawed.

Wpa-psk is not. They are two different technologies. The hole in wps gives that tool an in. Disable wps and suddenly that tool doesn't work to get in.

Know how to secure your network any you won't have to setup what computers can and can't have access which in itself isn't security if doing it by MAC address.

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 23:19

I'm sure it should be able to connect to a WPA2 network. What happens when he tries connecting to your network when you set security to WPA2 only? Does he get an error? I remember years ago when I had to install this optional update on my notebook running XP to connect to WPA2 my network: http://www.microsoft...ls.aspx?id=1974

The issue tends to be the built-in adapter - not the notebook or laptop itself.

My mom has a far older Gateway Solo 600 that originally came with - don't faint - Windows 2000 Professional, but was upgraded with Windows XP (which it still runs today) - the issue was the built-in wireless adapter only supported WEP (even with updated XP drivers). Adding a PC Card-based wireless adapter (with WPA2 support) solved the issue. (There are both PC Card and USB-based wireless adapters - even ones that support dual-band 802.11n - for these older warhorses still available. both new and refurbished.)

Here's a wireless-G adapter for that era of laptop: http://www.newegg.co...82E16833156140.

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 23:44

How is that, when his card was made in 2001, and WPA (sometimes referred to as the draft IEEE 802.11i standard) became available in 2003

It is a long time ago, but I do remember that some cards worked with driver/OS updates like the legendary ORINOCO Gold Card with was rebranded into dozens of other cards as well.

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 21:59

If you have a PMCIA card slot, Belkin have produced Wireless G and N MIMO cards that you can still find driver support for WPA/WPA2 on Windows XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7 x86. Range isn't fantastic but they are a good stop gap until you get new hardware. I got two Draft N MIMO cards for £15 each 18months ago (one of which is still in service on a Centrino laptop).

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 23:57

I'm with everyone else, I'd just encourage him to get a decent wifi card rather than leaving your network unsecure.