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First few days with a Wii U thoughts.


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#31 notuptome2004


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Posted 31 December 2012 - 18:41

but you can only play Mario for so long at a time:) but then again, the gamepad only has battery time for so long at a time as well so :p

yeah it's a great additional console, not a great main console.

I really hope they fix the WiiU performance though. Loading times is horrendous, even just starting up the console takes a very long time compared to other consoles. loading a game and the constant level loadings(omg ZombiU might as well be named ZombiLoading), even simple apps like netflix take ages to load, I think it takes long to load on the 360, and it's even worse on the WiiU. luckily games don't need patching often since the patch times is the worst I've experienced.

I fear this may be a limitation of the slow CPU and the slow main memory though, but I hope it's something that can still be optimized with some better back end code from Nintendo, but they don't have much experience with this stuff.

Well Nintendo plans on fixing those issue with newer updates but as for the Apps tho Netflix to be fair takes a good time to load on are new Samsung blu-ray player so it could be the App itself in that only case who knows .

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Posted 31 December 2012 - 19:46

You Samsung player however has a fraction of the computing power and memory of the WiiU.

Smart tv's today are horribly underpowered.