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Which monitor? 24" 16:10 or 27" 16:9

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#16 zhangm


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 03:56

No question; 27" is the better choice. Even though it has an (arguably) worse aspect ratio, it's got more pixels, and it will show you more content, which is the entire point of a display.

#17 Lord Method Man

Lord Method Man


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 04:00

Always go 16:9. No contest.

#18 mrp04


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 04:13

Just going to throw this into the mix, it's 27", 1920x1080 IPS and Dell - http://goo.gl/zQe6S

Yes I know it's not a Ultrasharp, but I also have a 3008WFP 30 Inch dell UltraSharp and recently got that 27" above to make my primary for gaming, because running games at 2560x1600 was costing me too much money in upgrades all the time, currently running 2x GTX680's to push that type of framerate at full details.

Honestly, for $249.. you could get (2) of them at $500 and I bet you would be happy with the screen real estate. Also I have 0 complaints when comparing the image to the 3008WFP, the only down side that some people may be turned off by is that it has edge to edge glass, so it is reflective. However I never see the reflectiveness unless the screen is totally back or the monitor is off. When an image is displayed, the IPS panel contrast/brightness over shadows any type of reflection.

What's the point of 27" if it's 1080p? Crap resolution for a monitor that large. The screen is the same physical size but you can have way less information shown at once. WQHD has 1.78 times the amount of pixels as 1080p.

Go for the U2711. If you have no problems affording it then there really shouldn't be any question at all. Higher resolution, larger monitor better in pretty much every way.

#19 OP Axel


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Posted 08 January 2013 - 11:29

Currently looking for a refurb - of the U2711 at a good price. I saw one go on ebay for £255 a while ago and I missed the bid by a hair because I was fumbling with my phone at dinner. Kicking myself as it was good condition. I missed out on a bid by £5 in the last 3 seconds of an auction last week too.

I have noticed I can grab the U2713HM for £360 though straight away. How does it stack up to the U2711 bar the colour gamut?