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Wii U sells 890,000 units in U.S. in first six weeks

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Posted 13 January 2013 - 11:28

and the reason Microsoft had like over 20 revisions of heatsinks and cooling heatpipes and then then gpu /cpu shrinks just because .. don't think so the system ran way to hot and melted the system .

I had 4 of them all 4 melted from the inside all red ringed.
the new slim has got correct cooling now with direct fan on the heatsink .

no matter what the cause it was heat if it did not heat up and had correct cooling like the wiiU and every Nintendo console in history it would never have been an issue

Wasn't even near to close to that many revisions, and no, it wasn't the heat, the heat is the same today, well on the non slims, but the redesigned heaters that don't flex and boards that don't flex from the heat prevent the failures of the originals.

You need to understand the root cause of the 360 issue. it was a combination of multiple factors, yes heat was a factor, but wouldn't have mattered if not for the others. the method for soldering with the pellets for example was one factor, the flex was another, those two in combination, along with repeated heat cool cycles, caused the ultimate failure after time.

It's irrelevant anyway, the WiiU is a new device, some of these faults take a year to show up in a quantifiable numbers, the Wii could have any number of late in life failure causes that is unknown at this time. the risk is of course reduced significantly by the fact it uses fairly old hardware in general.