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Sony Xperia Z: pre-order placed!

sony xperia android xperia z

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Posted 06 February 2013 - 16:05

I dunno if this is just me, but doesn't the design have a major flaw here, being the placement of the power button? Doesn't it fall right where most people would put their hands when they are on a phone call?

Maybe I'm not holding it correctly! :rofl:

It's pretty smart. When you're in call and the proximity sensor is triggered the standby button doesn't respond. Also, on a handset this big a power button on top would require you to adjust the way you hold the phone every time you need to press it. When it's in the middle of one of the sides you can press it without adjusting, no matter whether you're left-handed (index finger) or right-handed (thumb).

My Xperia T also has the power button on the right side and I vastly prefer it over the top placement on my Xperia S. The only downside is that you sometimes press the power button when you want to change the volume while watching a movie on your phone in the dark :p

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Posted 07 February 2013 - 09:28

as I recall when I turned on/off the gps with the sony widgets it just went on and off.

I used/used HD Widgets to do it anyway, so I can have a nice clean home page with just nice white icons and no frames or crap. I don't remember the colors y default on GB, but I'm also not a fan of the ICS/JB cyan. that's what my pone uses, but I like them in white instead of cyan.

as for photos I use camera FX and Pro HDR Camera. But I wish I could install the new cybershot software someone released. and add in bravia screen without hacking around.

Mostly I miss the superior gallery and video player and the play to function though. I have yet to find a decent video player with a working play to function.

Yeah it does using the Sony widget, but as I like my screen minimal I never liked having those there and prefer toggles in the notification drop down. You could get a GPS one but as it was 3rd party it forced you in to the settings.

I've been using ProCapture as my camera on CM10 which seems pretty decent. As for a gallery I've always used Quickpic just for the sheer speed of it.

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Posted 14 February 2013 - 20:11

So after reviving my old Xperia arc and putting Xperia Ultimate HD on it, it's now almost fully usable (I say almost because it still chokes up occasionally, but the sliders have not failed to respond once thus far). I've also replaced the launcher with NovaLauncher and themed it like the guy In the vids Exynos posted has it set up. I was blown away by how awesome I was able to make it look, I always believed this would take custom roms to do. Joke's on me there.

In short, there's now no doubt in my mind that this will be my next phone, unless something is announced that defecates on this phone specs and design wise - something I strongly doubt.

Now the problem shifted to, black or white? Leaning more towards white, though I think white would have looked better if more of the bezel was white too a la iPhone. Still though...

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Posted 15 April 2013 - 23:24

For those who want a better and clearer look at the device check out this unboxing.