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Volvo Trucks - Emergency braking at its best


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#16 AR556


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Posted 23 January 2013 - 00:06

Make this technology a requirement for all trucks legally binding asap.

It's not the delivery company that profits from ponying up the extra quids, it's everyone else.

That was darn impressive.

Glassed Silver:mac

I won't be impressed until I see retro rockets fire from the front of those sons a bitches!

#17 Night Prowler

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Posted 23 January 2013 - 00:06

Well, was there any cargo on that truck???? Also if you have wood logs in the back or other items similar but that are a bit loose or something , i am pretty sure they would follow gravity that means truck will stop but the load will keep going.
It might be safe now with a unloaded truck or with one that as a small charge but bigger the charge harder it becomes to stop.The driver could be killed and the car driver that was spared by the truck itself would become "soup" when the load finally reach him.

I could be wrong!!!!

Fully loaded 40 tons (80,000 lbs) and it's wet!! I'm impressed!! :woot:

Load of logs would most likely take the cab off. I'm thinking this would be awesome in over the highway hauls with cargo that was loaded appropriately. Once a load shifts it's kinda hard to stop.