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Grand Canyon View: Now Google treats the world to a tour of the natural wonder (but it doesn't look like the postcards)

  • First official publication of images taken by Google's Trekker backpacks
  • Features 9,500 panoramas taken around the canyon and Meteor Crater
  • But canyon looks surprisingly lush instead of showing barren rock

Google has finally treated the internet users to a tour of the Grand Canyon... but it doesn't look like the barren and dusty land pictured in postcards.

Instead the eagerly awaited expansion of Street View showcases one of the seven wonders of the world as a lush and green expanse with extensive woods.

The internet search company in October sent staff lugging backpack-mounted Street View cameras to capture the views around the trails of the geological scar that carves a swathe across Arizona.

Those images have now been processed, stitched together and turned into panoramic, scrollable images available to view on Google Maps.

Scroll down to take Google's virtual Grand Canyon Tour


The view towards Phantom Ranch: The Pueblo people considered the Grand Canyon ('Ongtupqa' in the Hopi language) a holy site and made pilgrimages to it.


Outstanding natural beauty: Grand Canyon


Impact site: Google has also released a range of panoramas of the trails around nearby Meteor Crater

The collection includes more than 9,500 panoramas taken from the most popular hiking trails along the Grand Canyon's south rim and nearby Meteor Crater.

With a click of the mouse, Internet users are transported virtually for a 360-degree view of locales they may have read about only in tourist books and seen in flat, 2D images.

Google Maps product manager Ryan Falor said: 'Whether you

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Breathtaking views. Can't wait to visit soon.

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Simply gorgeous. Great find.

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