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Connected Devices - The Internet of Things - Cloud - Web 3.0

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Posted 03 February 2013 - 17:55

I want to start a discussion about a topic I've been thinking a lot about lately. I did some (ok, like 2) searches and couldn't find a topic like this. I think technology is reaching a certain stage of connected-ness that's really exciting. More and more people are starting to talk about it.

Wired - hilarious (read some comments)
Wired - spot on

What I see emerging is a unified environment across all devices. Some possibilities:

Small and Portable: Smartphone, Google Glass, Tablets, maybe even wearable or inserted devices
Large and Semi-Fixed: Laptop (in between the two categories), Desktop, Table, TVs (touchscreen?), Projection
Appliances and Home Tech: Washer/Dryer, Refrigerator (inventory your food, spit back recipes, turn on oven), Heating/Cooling (Nest is pretty cool), Photovoltaics, Lighting, etc.

The important idea being, I think, for this all to be seamless, so transferring from one device to another is automatic and intuitive. Also, control should be decentralized so I can control any one device from another device.

I also think this applies to the content on our devices. Content is becoming a conglomeration of print/video/social, and being pared down into bite-sized chunks. This has effects on content distribution which we can already see happening (cloud-based). "TV" is in a really interesting phase right now. $100 a month nets me 1000 channels of different content shot into my cable box. However, I think this will be on its way out in the near future (Youtube offering paid channels?). Live content will still be relevant, I just think it will be streamed.

And that's just technology relating to the home. Now imagine this for cars. Route prediction based on the time of day, past driving routes, and GPS location + Google's driverless technology. Within 10 miles, oven fires up at home for dinner. Heat comes online.

You walk into a restaurant. Menu comes up on your personal device, fire off an order. (this already exists in some spots)

Public transportation. (Ok, some security concerns here). Why can't I track where every bus or train is? On time or late? Crowded or empty? etc.

Ok, well I'm done with my nerdgasm. I think I might have gotten a little off topic but I just want to spark a discussion about these interesting things. The future of technology!