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Fake pot puts teen at death's door

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 02:39

It's certainly true that this sort of incident wouldn't occur if laws on cannabis were somewhat more relaxed, or better yet that it be decriminalized. Not only is cannabis not all that harmful, particularly if eaten or smoked in a vaporizer, but it also has a range of medical uses as California has come to accept with it's pioneering approach to cannabis control.

Though true that dealers have often been known to kill each other over territory control and customer base among other reasons, it is more often than not also true that these people are not only quite often dealing in other more harmful and addictive substances but that they are integrally linked with organised crime, gang mentality and the criminal underworld in general. Would it not then make sense to, if not legalize, then decriminalize cannabis in order to take control of the supply out of the gangsters hands? Surely this would have a greatly beneficial impact on crime rates and could even pose to make cannabis an excellent, taxable cash crop. Besides, in Holland, where cannabis is essentially legal, only a fraction of the national population actually smoke themselves though cultivation of the crop grosses large profit, encouraged tourism and made substantial tax income for the government, much like in France where sales of beer and wine are permitted from 14 years old and children often drink wine with their meals, as is tradition, there is a rather low rate of alcoholism, as such, statistically speaking, it is clear that criminalization leads to abuse, not hinders it...

I will note at this point that, let's face it, prohibition didn't work! In fact the sale of alcohol continued somewhat unabated (not for the feds attempts to stop it) though the overall quality of what was being sold drastically deteriorated no doubt causing more alcohol related hospitalizations and quite likely deaths (both alcohol and gang related), not to mention allowing mafia and gang influences to profit from this. And lets face it, alcohol is a bigger killer and cause of greater social and societal degradation than cannabis has ever been. Alcohol is a very potent and harmful drug (yes it IS a drug, don't forget that!).

At the end of the day, people want to get high, that will never change, probably much to the dislike of the 'morally high standing', good, law abiding, alcohol drinking (still getting high, just legally...) members of society, and this case is a fine example of that. Cut off the supply and these people will turn elsewhere, often with less than desirable results, as in this tragic case.

I think my point is made...