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Posted 08 February 2013 - 10:57


At the end of the day they put a price to their product and release it, if its not enough to cover the cost of development then either put the price of the game up or don't release it. Don't screw over the consumer.

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 17:11

So what are the examples of games that can't be finished with DLC? particularly paid DLC.

Um... I'm not quite sure what you mean here. The way this reads is odd.

and just because some games have released free DLC doesnt' mean everyone should. especially since the content in Halo DLC was about a microfraction of the cost to develop compared to the cost of DLC today.

... yet today we pay for that same content.

and your facepalm I guess is because you didn't actually have a counter argument and you realized how stupid your original argument was then.

No, its because you made a statement which was beyond ignorant.

see the thing is with your argument, there would potentially never have been any Gears of War 2 and 3 to buy collectors editions of. collectors editions are only mean for a small amount of collectors anyway, not to fill the bottom line. you can't lose money for the 2-4 years it takes to make the first game and then not make money for th next 2 years until the sequel is made, that's just absurd.

So instant money is more important than investing in the future? I see why the gaming industry enjoys nickel and diming us then. I mean, consoles don't do this every generation or anything, right? It took what... 3 years for the PS3 to make any profit?

if the disc is scratched, you didn't check it good enough when you bought it, or it didn't get resurfaced properly, either way you didn't check it which you have to do when you buy used.

Actually, gamestop is supposed to check it.

and yeah, sure Gamestop's used game prices are 5-10 higher than "gamestop's" bargain bin. I wasn't talking about gamestops prices, the bargain bin at big electronics stores. even at 5 more, it's kinda worth it to support the developer, get a new unopeded package without kids fat and other bodily fluids, no scratches, and an online pass.

If the game dropped in price the developer isn't getting their money back anyways. In fact, it probably dropped in price because it wasn't selling enough or its been out for over a couple years. You see, the only reason games ever drop in price at all these days is specifically because of the used game market. And a great example of this is COD games, which never drop in price for the first two years of their release. Why? Because used copies don't exist, and when they do they are bought so fast that even Gamestop prices them just $5 under straight retail. The only time COD/MW games drop in price is upon announcement of a new title, and the same is true for games like Halo and other AAA titles. So with the used market dead, who's to stop every single game from using this pricing scheme? Just so the developer "gets what they deserve"?

That's pretty pretentious.

Actually last I checked, though I don't abuse my disc so I never had to do it, the price was more like 5$, and you need to either take a photo of the disc with an ID or return the disc for a replacement.

Go read Microsoft's website. Its all there in plain english.

interesting how you're now suddenly rather spend 3+29$ to get a replacement instead of 20$-25$ for the bargain bin though....

The difference is time. The bargain bin can mean 2 years of waiting, a used game is usually available between 3-8 months post release if the game isn't doing well and I feel like trying it out.

as for you second facepalm, I guess that's because you realized you've been two completely different and incompatible things.

No, because you don't understand how a person thinks when buying something. Its not a contradiction, its a sales concept. Its about converting a used purchase into a new purchase. Most if not all exclusively used game buyers will not buy used games unless they are absolutely sure it is worth it to do so. It has nothing to do with paying the developer what they deserve, but buying what we want as a consumer. And with the high prices for games these days, it only makes sense that people are reserved when they know investing in a game could mean another $100 worth of DLC down the line (and in some cases DLC that is required for continued play).

Oh, and other industries are easily comparable to the games industry. Especially movies. They are "consumed" in the same way games are, they just aren't interactive.

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Posted 08 February 2013 - 17:19

Eff that noise. I'm getting further and further away from online gameplay. Last thing I want is the requirement to always be connected.

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Posted 10 February 2013 - 03:23

mandatory connectivity is not a good idea since outages will occur, but then their logic is that internet is as important as electricity. clearly you can't use the console if the power's out, so why be able to use it if the internet's out?
otherwise it's good to know the consoles are finally coming, i expect them both to be available by the time GTA V comes out.