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Just pick up a Acer W700-6691 and what a fine laplet it is. Battery life is very good, got 6 hours out of it. Anyways I've gone ahead and did a clean install to get rid of those Acer bloatware. Everthing went well, however after the Windows 8 loading screen. The display went crazy and turn white so I can't input my username.

Call up Acer Tech Support and was told to use the recovery disk. Which I did, and it worked but it also install all those bloatware back with it. Which I don't want. The Windows 8 ISO I use was downloaded directly from Microsoft. Anyone who own this device and has successfully done a clean install. I can use some help.

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Just use [url="http://techdows.com/2012/11/remove-crapware-from-windows-8-pcs.html"]Decrapifier[/url]

Easy to use. I used it a lot in the past for crap people put on their machines...

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