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A few OSX questions

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 21:29

Well, I managed to workout some of my questions. It seems that the font issue is Chrome only, Safari or Firefox display the web pages just fine, so I switched to Firefox and everything is good.
About Thunderbird, the damn profile folder WAS in Library, but not the "root" Library folder. It's in the ~/user/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles. So I just copied the one from Win and it works. :)

To my surprise, I have all the apps that I use in Win, without having to find alternatives. Even my favorite sound editor (Sound Forge) now has a osx version. And a couple of others that don't have osx versions work just fine in Crossover. About games, these days I only play Counter Strike 1.6 (in Crossover on osx) and it seems that there's a beta going on on Steam for a native OSX version. Beautiful :)

That being said, it's nice to try something different, even with all these issues and things that I'm finding a little hard to adjust to. What I liked the most was the challenge to make OSX work on my PC, but I also like the OS, it's damn fast and beautiful. Obviously, it won't replace my Windows OS, but I have a feeling that it will be a long time before I reboot back in Win. :)