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McLaren poised to switch to Honda engines for 2015 season

formula 1 mclaren honda rumour

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 21:40

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Posted 04 March 2013 - 21:42

Historically inline 4s were quite popular in F1.

Also, much like in rallying, the decreases in laptimes rarely come from monster-horsepower motors.

it's not the limits of engine sizes I really care about. it's limits in general.

it's formula 1,it's supposed to be a competition between the best cars the makers can make a testbed of new technologies. instead because some company came up with clever dynamic skirts that make them faster then everyone else. they started the race to the bottom. now anyone can be a Formula 1 team, new technology isn't allowed until it's well tested and available to all teams and if it's expensive technology, oh no, can't have that, that might exclude some teams...

Limits should be left to Cart racing and F3000. F1 should be about the best, fastest meanest and most dangerous machines around. I pretty much laughed out loud a few years back during the crash where one of the big drivers front wheel was ripped off. and the commentators went on about what good thing it was the wire attached the tire to the car or it would have hit his head and killed him... errr the tire only bounced back to his head because of the damn wire. Not saying they shouldn't implement new safety technology, just that the whole sport has been dumbed down and retarded.

Meh, F1 will never be F1 again, maybe sometime in the future the big three will finally split off and create Formula Ultimate.