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2014 Audi A3/S3 Sedan

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 21:19

I'll say they are all good cars.. Mercedes is boring but really shines when it comes to AMG and their really sports models. They just started recently appealing a bit to the younger crowd.

BMWs have always appealed to younger crowd. They had the "scream" factor, they were fast and always handled great. Older models had a really aggressive look to them and I liked that about them but with the new design I'm just not digging it looks overdesigned and bulky. The interior of BMWs never impressed me. But they really never went for super tech interior anwyays.. They always went with their cars being the "drivers" car.

Audi always fit somewhere in between. It had offerings for the sporty crowd but most people who buy Audis (including myself) appreciate their amazing craftsmanship of interiors that have always set the bar for the car industry and we got just enough juice in those engines to put a grin on our faces. Audi always made cars that drove excellent and felt super comfortable.

But with recent years, with the appearance of A5 model and after, the R8, the revamped S series, the RS series (RS4, RS5) they really kicked it up a notch. They came close to BMWs with driving mechanics and performance with RS4 and now they have outpaced them with the new supercharged A6 engine and the S6/RS6 series when compared to BMW equivalents.

Now, I will say, that the BMW series 4 looks like BMW is hitting back. That car not only looks insane, it will have most likely amazing performance.

In general I don't really care too much about performance. I'm in my mid 30s and I appreciate the combination of comfort, technology and sportiness even if Audi isn't on top.

So I guess it's a matter of taste. In addition, Audi is the only car manufacturer that has given me so much for being loyal to them that I can't even express it. From not asking questions when my credit was crap, to giving me insane incentives on new models, to actual experience working with people at Audi dealership, it was night and day compared to both BMW and Mercedes dealerships where my experience felt like I should be happy for allowing me to drive their cars and buy from them.

This is why I love Audis and everything about them. The company is awesome, had 26 months of record breaking sales in US and outsold BMWs at one point. The brand is growing and the cars they produce now are absolutely magnificent.

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Posted 29 March 2013 - 12:09

Mostly agree on everything. You really can't lose by buying one of the big three (and let's not forget Porsche! :p). German engineering is awesome, and they make excellent cars with great performance and luxury. They all have their unique personalities...

Personally, it's all about AMG and Mercedes - I've never had so much fun in any high performance German luxury car with oodles of both horsepower and torque. It puts a smile and grin on my face every time I stomp on the gas pedal. If a car can do that, then it has done its job. I just think the horsepower race is getting insane from Audi/BMW/MB, I love it!

Hopefully with Audi, they actually bring back the RS4 and RS6 into the US, because the S4/S6 (as great as they are) just don't cut it compared to the M3/C63 and M5/E63.

Regarding dealerships: It can be an interesting experience to buy a car. I'm in my mid 20's. I went to Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche dealerships. I got fully ignored in the BMW dealership, not even one sales person helped or acknowledged that I was there. The Audi dealership was very helpful, but they didn't have anything in their inventory that interested me at the time. The Porsche dealership was just full of pretentious snobs, and not helpful. The Mercedes dealer was the most helpful - they actually called me up while I was being ignored in the BMW dealership, and told me to come in and look and test drive the car (I had been there before to test drive the E550 coupe when it was released). Oh how fun it is to be ignored in dealerships especially when you're young...