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This is an implementation of the idea that floated in my mind many time.

[b]Deskthemepack Installer[/b] is a solution for Windows 7 users which allows to install Windows 8 themes with one click.

The user interface is very simple. The following options are available:
[*][b]Install a deskthemepack file[/b] - self explained. Click this option to browse for desktheme file and install it into Windows 7.[/*]
[*][b]Associate with *.deskthemepack files[/b] - installs an association for deskthemepack files in Windows 7. You will be able to apply Windows 8 theme just like regular theme pack of Windows 7.[/*]
[*][b]Remove *.deskthemepack associations[/b] - removes the association which was set with option mentioned above.[/*]
In action:

You can [url=http://winaero.com/comment.php?comment.news.208]download Deskthemepack Installer for Windows 7 here[/url]

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Isn't that a really complicated and long way to essentially change the wallpaper and windows colours ?

You can just download and extract the deskthemepack for the wallpapers

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