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#46 ctrl_alt_delete



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Posted 11 April 2013 - 18:25

Wow... I didn't know I had to walk through a seven word statement so that you could understand it better.

"No it won't" - Which means it won't control my cable, because I refuse to allow it to.

"I'm buying a PS4" - This statement was part of the first statement, and separated by a comma, meaning the first part of the sentence is linked to the second part.

No it won't, because I'm not going to buy the new Xbox because of the negative comments I've seen over the past several weeks, I'm buying a PS4 because I refuse to subject myself to Microsoft's out of touch practices.

which goes back to my reply to you: this a thread about xbox not ps4. if you're a playstation fan then go to a playstation thread and let your voice be heard there. because seriously your comment doesn't add anything. and going through your comment history it's clear of your hate:

in the post: Adam Orth:'I don't get the drama' over 'always-on' Xbox

LoL Glad I switched from 360 to PS3 and vowed never to touch a Microsoft console again, paying off now I think. :)

#47 Vandalsquad



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Posted 15 April 2013 - 03:24

Dont you think you would still need their stupid box though? I cannot see Verizon saying you cannot have any of their boxes at all no?

You might be surprised, There is only one cable/satellite provider in Australia (Foxtel) that covers the entire country with no competition. And they offer a cheaper service if you use the 360 over one of there boxes. Granted its over ethernet because the tech wasn't there years ago and it's only come into fruitation the last 2 years because no one realised how much consoles would take over the media market but if Microsoft somehow included decoder software or the companies licenced it to microsoft to act as a stand alone box its self this would be a massive feature.