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Modern high-end Android phones with a removable battery?

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#31 tsupersonic


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Posted 11 November 2013 - 23:13

My HTC One and Nexus 5 both make it through a work day with plenty of juice left to spare. If I need extra battery power (long trips or long periods of time w/o access to a charger, I use an external battery pack.

#32 DocM


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Posted 12 November 2013 - 02:00

LG Optimus G Pro has a big removable battery, and I just bought a 9300 mAh (+ custom back) battery for use when hunting, camping etc.

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 02:15

I agree, I would never buy a phone that does not have a removable battery unless I had NO OTHER CHOICE. Like others have said in the thread, I like being able to replace a battery if I have to. It also allows me to buy used phones on eBay and replace the battery for cheap.


The last new phone I owned was an LG phone flip phone in 2005 when I got my first cell phone. The other phones have all been phones bought either off Le Mars swap or Ebay


LG envy touch - eBay

Samsung Fasinate - Facebook Swap

HTC Incredible II - eBay

Samsung Galaxy III (Current Phone) - eBay Used free shipping like new $222 out of contact.

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 02:21

I am usually a big proponent of having an extra battery, but when I got my Note II, it seems to suffice and the charge lasts long enough between outlets that I don't really need an extra one. What we really need are devices with sufficient batteries. My Galaxy Nexus was laughably bad, couldn't even get through a full work day without charging.

#35 Steve B.

Steve B.

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 07:23

Here's an option, look at the phones which have longer battery lives anyway, the G2 is known for this and I don't know if there is a newer version of the Droid MAXX because Motorola have basically pulled out of the UK. The Droid Maxx can do two days easy.