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printer firmware wireless

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#1 Cheryl_27



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 02:39

HP instructions for OJ Pro 8600 n911a says firmware updates won't work for wireless connections. Using Vista x64.

What I haven't found is what may happen when I plug a USB or ethernet cable into a printer already set up wirelessly.

Nothing mentioned in user manual, that printer's support page or site searches on the CORRECT way to change from wireless to USB or ethernet - TEMPORARILY, while updating firmware; then change back to wireless - w/o introducing problems. Or what just switching connection types, then switching back may do to my printer setup?

Also, I don't see a way to positively tell which firmware ver. is later. The versions are different, but not like xxxxx100 & xxxxx105.

First characters of installed firmware & one for d/l are same; last digits of current FW are 1150CR. There's no date for the installed FW, anywhere I've looked.
Version for latest d/l is 1304AR.

I'd assume the v1304AR is later, but I've seen files / driver names where the last 2 characters - CR & AR - would over ride the fact that the last 4 digits are higher on d/l version; especially since it's a brand new printer.

Any helpful steps / suggestions?

#2 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 15:32

Is it that no one's ever updated firmware on a printer that was also connected wirelessly, or everyone ignores HP's warning & flashes the firmware w/ the printer connected wirelessly to a network?

#3 helpifIcan



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 18:10

They are just trying to let you know that if the wireless connection drops during the pgrade ther is a good chance the frimware will be corrupted and the printer will no longer work.

It should not be a big deal to change the printer to wired and then back to wireless.

Also if you are not having problems or are not missing a feature that you need why bother!

#4 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 19:33

I understand about dangers of upgrading firmware over wireless connections. They should also say, "for safety, you should have the equipment connected to a UPS before updating firmware." But they don't. Our power blinks out a LOT here; thus, our UPS units.

How to tell what you'd be missing...
Real problems vs enhanced features / improvement. That's a bit tougher. This update doesn't say "Fixes" anything. I've posted on HP's community forum, asking if others installed it & what was actually enhanced, but responses on that forum (even from "HP employees") aren't always great.

Description of firmware changes / fixes is pretty vague.

1) Enhance ePrint Diagnostic report for ePrint Setup
2) Improve ease of wireless setup
3) Enhanced Embedded Web Services
4) Improve Print Quality
5) Improve Ink Usage
6) Improve paper path performance
7) Improve Digital scan performance

I'm more interested in # 4 - 6, but doubt I'd update firmware till I find out exactly what improvements are made.

#5 vetDirtyLarry



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 19:39

I have an HP Wireless Printer, an Office Jet 6700, that I usually keep wired via Ethernet, but sometimes I unplug the Ethernet wire and the Wireless just kicks in, and once I plug in the Wire again, it defaults back to the Wireless. So I think that was your original question no? That nothing would happen to your already set up Wireless connection if you plug in an Ethernet Wire, which is what I suggest.

#6 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 20:12

Thanks. That's what the manual says - wireless is disabled if ethernet cable is plugged in. They don't go into detail about switching from wireless to wired & back again. If you find that it works, I believe you.

To actually get a new IP address, once plug in ethernet cable, don't know if will have to do anything in the EWS, or just power printer off / on, or maybe reboot system. When you plugged in a cable, did your router assign a new printer wired address?

Lots of things don't work the way HP's manuals say.

#7 Mindovermaster


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Posted 30 April 2013 - 20:20

It should do it automatically, is it not?

#8 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 30 April 2013 - 23:52

Don't know - haven't tried it. It might. That was one concern.

The other, which may be harder to determine, is what this firmware update really does, or if it even affects Vista at all. Maybe only W 7 or 8; or exactly how does it improve ink usage (in their favor or mine)? That's what I'm trying to find out now.

As helpifIcan alluded, why risk updating firmware if nothing's broken? Problem is, HP gives no clue at to what the improvements & enhancements really do. For grins, I could plug in a cable, but I won't do the update until I find out more about it.

#9 OP Cheryl_27



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Posted 06 July 2013 - 18:29

Thanks.  It worked pretty much as described.

I finally plugged in an ethernet cable & it did disable wireless connection (that, I knew)... Assigned / got a new IP address from router.  Both router & printer's network settings (on printer) showed the new address, but IF one wanted to use it to print, have to go into HP setup (All Programs) & "Update IP address."  I never did upgrade firmware.  Not sure it's needed.