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Cars made in Brazil are deadly

safety cheap construction failed crash tests high fatalities poor roadways

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Posted 14 May 2013 - 13:37

You described it better then I did, and it's bang on! Crazy how they driver here.

But, there is no excuse for the ****ty build quality. Prices are insanely high here.

Totally different but this is the general rule.
I just got a Lenovo Yoga in the states for $999, the same device costs $3000 here in Brazil. And there is a similar mark up for cars and anything else technology related
Actually other stuff is the same. When I was here 3 years ago I looked into buying new Oakley glasses, In the USA $300, here in Brazil +$800

Why is it surprising? high tariffs combined with inefficient and poorly built products that have little or no competition outside of the country they're built and voila you have what you see - where is the incentive to produce a quality product when there is no outside competition keeping local industry honest? I only have to think of my own country before it was reformed where people would go away on holidays just to purchase things that costed 4 times the amount locally and of lower quality. But hey, why let facts get in the way of Hugo Chavez inspired South American nationalism of giving the 'screw you' finger to the 'gringo' whilst ignoring poorly made over priced locally assembled products thrown upon consumers locally.

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Posted 14 May 2013 - 15:00

Yeah, it's sad and crazy how much pricier things are there. The huge discrepancy between the low- and high- classes doesn't help, and the fact that they are wedged in side by side (rather than having "poor areas" and "rich areas" of town like you tend to see in other parts of the world). People get used to it and say "that's just the way it is"... My coworker is from Brazil and he always takes things back when he goes for a visit, to sell to his friends and family there. He can make a profit and still sell it for a lot cheaper than they can get it locally.

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Posted 16 May 2013 - 05:43

My car has 10 airbags, I don't think 10 is required by law but I just found out that the same model of my car that other countries like argentina only get 4 airbags in the LT version and 6 in the LTZ. Here in the U.S all models of my car get 10 airbags. But my car is made in the U.S the ones people buy in other countries are made in korea.