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Posted 24 May 2013 - 11:23


Housemarque Team ‏@Housemarque 1m
#Housemarque developing a “spiritual successor” to the Super Stardust franchise on PS4 and... another PS4 title!




23. May 2013 | No comments | No shares | housemarque

Helsinki, Finland, May 23 – Housemarque, the award winning developer of downloadable hit titles such as Dead Nation, Outland and Super Stardust HD, announced they are hard at work on a (still unnamed) “spiritual successor” to the Super Stardust franchise. The game will be released as a PlayStation®4 (PS4) exclusive.

“We are super excited to be working on Sony’s next-gen hardware,” said Housemarque’s CEO Ilari Kuittinen. “The platform’s performances are enabling us to do things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise and we truly believe that better technology can lead to better gameplay. The more tools and resources we have at our disposal, the better. Think of Super Stardust HD: at the time, PlayStation 3 gave us the opportunity to populate the game with thousands of interactive objects and implement the game’s famous ‘spherical gameplay’. Today, we can take advantage of the architecture of PlayStation 4 to create incredible visuals with direct impact on the way the new game feels.”

Following a long-standing tradition of partnerships with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios Europe, Housemarque is currently busy with the above-mentioned title along with another unannounced PS4 project. More information on both games will be released in the upcoming months.

About Housemarque
Based in Helsinki, Finland, Housemarque is an independent game developer focusing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PSVita and other platforms. True to our core gamer audience, we prioritize stratified gameplay mechanics and impeccable audiovisual execution to create euphoric gaming experiences. ‘Dare to play’ is our motto.


SSHD pretty much single handily made my early owning PS3 games drought more bearable!

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 19:13

Nice, was the best 3D game visually by far on the PS3 thanks to the 60 FPS and the very simple stage graphics that were perfect for representing depth.

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Posted 25 May 2013 - 19:26


SSHD pretty much single handily made my early owning PS3 games drought more bearable!

Yeah same here, forgot how few games there were, played SSHD for months. Hope the new one is just as awsome :)

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Posted 26 May 2013 - 18:14

Easily one of my favorite twin-stick shooter games out there so I'll be looking forward to seeing what they bring to the next gen.

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Posted 27 May 2013 - 12:54

I've clocked in too many hours on SSHD, that and Dead Nation have been two of my favourite buys from the store.